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Cake making!

I found enough time this morning to have a

Cake cleaning!

quick meditate before breakfast and my morning play with Louis. We played with our castle and had a game of Rabbit and Dragon in the field. Louis’ favourite words/sayings are ‘alright’ ‘wait a minute’ and he likes to repeat them at every opportunity, it is rather cute!

We then ventured into Saverdune – the local town. We had to buy cake ingredients as we were on a mission to make a French Chocolate cake. I was delighted by the smells and sights of the local bakery were we bought amazing fresh bread and croissants. The town is very cute with beautiful oak trees that have all turned yellow in the autumn season.


It was time for cake making on our return! Louis helped mix the ingredients and clean the spoons and bowl! After a lunch of fresh bread

Toothless at the cave

with French cheese and salami we went upstairs to the TV watching bed, ate our cake and watched ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. This naturally triggered Louis’ obsession with dragons and his dragon which he appropriately named ‘Toothless’. We spent some time in the afternoon playing with Toothless, training him to fly and playing hide and seek with him. In this game I ‘fell’ sick and Louis fixed me with a spell that went something like this ‘one, two, three…PRECARIOUS’! Hilarious!

The road through the cave

We decided to go on an adventure with Toothless to ‘the big cave that the river and road runs through’. It was a beautiful drive through the French country side to get there, the cave was massive and it was very impressive to drive through cave. We had a drink in the local town and played ‘who can guess the colour of the next car’, I think it became Louis new favourite game.

The evening was spent eating dinner, doing more training with Toothless and then reading by the fire sipping some French apple brandy before falling into a deep sleep.

Louis and I

'I guessed it!'