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Dirty dishes made easy

After morning meditation, breakfast and tea Agnes and I set out for some social outings! The first of these took us to Mesna Nord of the Humboldt University of Berlin. This is like a student feeding factory where you can get good food for a cheap price in a very quick time! They even have a travelator to take away the dirty trays! So we went here for lunch with 2 of Agnes’ friends from university who were very lovely! It was incredible how efficient the Mesna Nord was!

Strrets covered in adds.

After this we had some time to wander through the streets of Berlin towards our next destination! It was a beautiful time to go walking as the sun was setting, even though it was only 3.30pm! Our next destination was Macondo which is a Cuban café set up by one of Agnes’ friends and her Cuban husband! They serve amazingly large coffees and the atmosphere is very relaxed and cosy. It is apparently one of Berlin’s top ‘to do’ cafes! We met Toby and Tamar here for coffee, it was lovely to see them again and share giant coffees!!!

Beautiful skies

After this we wandered to Alexander Platz to buy me a voice recorder – the Christmas markets were on so we

Massive coffees

ate some Quark Keulchen – very tasty sweet deep fried German Christmas things! It was then time to make our way home to attend meditation. After this I watched a movie while everyone else attended the centre meeting.

Enjoying Quark Keulchen


The streets of Berlin

Today was spent relaxing in Berlin. I spent some time meditating, walking the streets and soaking up the Berlinish atmosphere! I also found time to watch a few more podcasts – jjust to get my brain into action!

It was then time to head over to Toby and Tamar’s house for dinner! I hadn’t seen them since they moved here so was very excited!


They have a very cute little apartment that they are renting out for 5 months. The owner of the house apparently had a white obsession as everything in the apartment was white, to compensate for this Toby and Tamar have been doing their own artworks to add some colour (you can see these in some of the photos).


It was so lovely to see both of them again and they seem very happy and settled! They made amazing pizza for dinner! Totally home-made traditional style pizza in which everything was made from scratch! It was honestly some of the tastiest pizza I have had for ages! So we sat around, ate pizza, drank some wine and caught up on everything that has been happening! A very enjoyable evening!

Eggplant pizza!

Making PIzza

Pumpkin and Salmon Lasagne

Today there was a lecture by Martin from Oslo – he is very funny. The day started with meditation at 11am. At 12 we all had brunch together at the centre – this was very lovely. Martin then gave a very long but very interesting lecture. It was highly interactive and provocative and everyone was having their say and questioning each other and it was all very inspiring! There was then a bit of drama when Martin tried to go to the airport as he had lost his passport, but lucky for him he met a very nice police man at the airport and they let him on anyway!

Bernhard and Natasha

It was then time for me to go and have a drink with Ella (from Melbourne) as she is here with her sister! It was so lovely to see her as we haven’t seen each other is over two years! We had a great old yarn and a good belly laugh!

Making desert

Dinner was spent at Agnes’ house as they were having a house mate dinner! Bernhard cooked salmon and pumpkin lasagne which tasted truly divine! It was a very lovely dinner with lovely people and lovely food! What a lovely day!

Nalin in Barcelona

Today was basically spent wandering around Barcelona and catching up on internet time while I waited for my departure! Nalin left early this morning, it was sad to say goodbye to him, but we had such a fun time together and many enjoyable memories were made!

My latest thing is downloading podcasts from Ted Talks – this is a fantastic way for me to activate my brain and learn something (actually many things) very interesting! While I waited at the airport I listened to many interesting podcasts – Ted talks is great!

I arrive in Berlin after mid – night. Agnes met me at the train station and we walked the 10 minutes back to her house where I totally crashed as I was so tired! Berlin is freezing compared to Spain, but nonetheless it is nice to be here.


The last two days have been spent travelling and hanging out in Barcelona. We pretty much spend most of Thursday packing and travelling – it was a 3 hour flight from Tenerife to Barcelona! The first night in Barcelona was spent having tapas and beers with Nalin around the city.

Friday I didn’t really do much, but Nalin and I did catch up with his friend Amy for tea in the afternoon. She is really lovely and took us to this groovy little café which makes amazing Spanish style sandwiches! We had an early night on Friday as Nalin had to get up early on Saturday to leave for Switzerland. A very short trip to Barcelona that’s for sure!

Some Spanish Graffiti

Misty forests

Today was our last full day on Tenerife and what better way to spend it than a 14km hike around volcanos and forests. Our walk today took us to the west part of the island to the most recent erupted volcano – the Chinyero.

Rain walking

We had to catch a bus for about an hour up into the mountains where our walk would begin. The first 10 minutes of our walk it as pouring with rain, however when the rain stopped we were just left walking through a cloud. This was extremely magical and everything in the forest look mysterious!

Black Sand Volcano

After about half an hour we emerged out of the forest and were suddenly on black volcanic basalt ash facing a very black volcano! It was beautiful and the contrast in volcanic scenery couldn’t have been more different to yesterday’s volcano. The rest of our walk took us around the base of this volcano, through more pine forests and lava flows until we eventually reached the Chinyero. The lava flows at the base of this volcano was incredibly rocky and massive, however, it was a bit of an effort walking across them.

Mary Poppins

The last part of the walk took us down-hill through more pine forests to a tiny little town where we all enjoyed a hot chocolate to warm up, it was very cold on the mountain.

The evening was spent

Failed Mary Poppins

having a lovely dinner with Nadine and Stephane at a fantastic organic vegetarian restaurant called El Mana. The food was delicious! We are so grateful to Nadine and Stephane for everything they have done for us! Their walking company is called Pas A Pas and the hotel we stayed in was Hotel Marte.

A slow lava flowEl Rico Goats Cheese

Our walks