Thursday 10th of November – A Day at the Beach

Posted: November 11, 2011 in 5. November 2011

Surf Dorp

Today Nalin, Agnes and I went to the beach; it was a beautiful sunny day!

Feeding the birds

At the beach we went to the Surf Dorp for a drink before wandering down the concrete pier out to sea! It was very beautiful, but a bit chilly in the wind. We also had a typical Dutch sea side snack – well Agnes and Nalin did pickled Herring with raw onions is not my thing. We also fed chips to the HUGE sea gulls, which was very entertaining; they were super keen to catch the chips mid-air. It was also a great joy to watch the big dogs playing on the beach.

The beach


When we got back we watched Jane Eyre – Mia was fantastic but the movie itself was not so inspiring, it was alright.

We had left overs for dinner and then went to the Grote Markt to meet Rosie for after work drinks. This ended with Nalin, Agnes and I dancing in the gay club until about 2am, it was lots of fun! A great day!

Pickled Herring


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