Saturday 12th of November – Sinterclause

Posted: November 13, 2011 in 5. November 2011

Rosie and Nalin

It was time to pack my bag again! Nalin and I were ready to embark on our adventures around Europe (well France and Spain).

Nalin gay walks.

However before this we decided to go out for coffee at Mein with Rosie and Alex before we left! This was a great idea for a number of reasons: one being to spend time with Rosie and Alex before it was time to leave and secondly because I by chance got to meet Lucas – Joost’s very cute baby!

Sudoku time!

It was then time to make our way to the airport! We were waiting at the tram stop for about 10 minutes until a very friendly Dutch man informed us that the trams weren’t running because of Sinterclause…Alex was kind enough to drive us to the tram stop!


At the airport we managed to entertain ourselves by sitting in the Sinterclause chair and photographing ourselves on the conveyor belt for people…forwards and backwards!


We had to fly via Munich, but luckily didn’t have too long to wait in the airport! We eventually landed in Toulouse at 9.30pm! Alain was kind enough to pick us up from the airport! It was lovely to be back in the homely atmosphere of their house – La Juliane!

M.r Clause

Missy Clause


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