Monday 14th of November – Bikes and Bread

Posted: November 16, 2011 in 5. November 2011

Bread winner

After a quick breakfast and pottering around in the morning Nalin and I headed off

Julian take note...

on an adventure. Mode of transport = pushbikes, destination = Saverdun, purpose = adventure! Our adventure led us to a café where we drank coffee; it then led us to a bakery where we indulged in bakery treats by the river. We then randomly found ourselves at the grave yard where we picked up pop plants that had blown over just to watch them blow over again…it was worth a try.

At the river

Before heading home we picked up baguettes for lunch and a sneaky éclair! Even though we were on an adventure we managed not to get lost which was convenient. Once home I took the time to meditate.

Le Tour De France

When Louis came home we played chess with him – well him and Nalin played on one team and Lynda and I on the other, Louis was a very passionate player to say the least! Once Louis had gone to bed we continued playing chess, drank some amazing Champagne that Nalin and I bought at the airport and ate bread and cheese before bed!

French Cheese


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