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Give Box

I had such a lovely day today! I began the day with reading in bed with a cup of tea! I then went across to the centre to meditate. After this I decided to go on a search to find the ‘Give Box’ in Prenzlauer Berg, thanks to the handy tip from Toby that there was even one in this area.

Getting excited

Give boxes I learnt are all around Germany, they are really big boxes that anyone can put anything in and as a result anyone can take anything out. When I found the give box it was rather empty so I didn’t take anything, but I did give it some tea! I was then hungry and thirsty so I went to my favourite little café ‘St Gaudy’s Café’ where they make excellent soya cappuccinos (a rare delicacy in Europe) and I sat here for a while drinking coffee, eating yummy food and reading my book. It was then time to meditate again!

Spank Rock fans

After eating dinner and getting ready Agnes, Natasha, Gesa and I headed out to see Spank Rock at the Berghain! We got there a little late but not to worry we still managed with plenty of time to bust out our dance moves to Spank Rock! He and the rest of the crew were really cool to see perform! For the last song he invited us and basically everyone in the first row up on stage which was lots of fun! After the gig finished it was still early so we hung around and made friends with Spank rock and the crew who were very friendly and down to earth. They informed us that the after party was going to be at Water Gate so we went there and spent the next 2 hours dancing with them (and without them) at Water Gate.

Spank Rock 1

Spank Rock 2