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Tommy Boggs

We were up, watered, meditated, packed and in the red bus eating our breakfast on the road to EC! We were going (a group of 9 of us) to EC to attend a transmission weekend about travelling with the Lama.

We drove and drove….slept, woke up, drank coffee, ate sandwiches, read, listened to music, created playlists (well I don’t think anyone else but me did the last activity) and eventually we got there after about 8 hours! It was dark and cold but the EC was incredibly warm and welcoming. We had just enough time to put our stuff in our room before going to attend Tommy Bogg’s lecture! The Gompa was basically full and toasty warm – they have a super-efficient fire! Tommy gave a fantastic lecture, highly entertaining and amusing as always!

Super-efficient fire

After the lecture we went to the Bau Café, had a beer and danced for about an hour before going to bed happy to be back.



The highlight of today was attending the Christmas markets in the evening with Agnes! Before this we went for dinner at a traditional old style German pub to have winter German food like schnitzel and meat with vegies!

Beenie Warmth

The Christmas markets felt very similar to the folk festival in Canberra – but instead of everything being ‘autumny’ it was all about

Double warmth

Christmas and rather cold! However everyone stood around drinking gluvine and eating yummy food! There were these fantastic jackets strung over heaters converted into seat that were kept warm by a fire and the jackets were big enough for one to fit inside them, this was very cosy and so practical in the cold! I bought myself a warm beanie with fluffy fake fur – real European style! A lovely evening.