Saturday 3rd of December – Transmitting Karaoke

Posted: December 4, 2011 in 6. December 2011


Today began with breakfast shortly followed by a meditation session. This was then followed by a lecture from Tommy Boggs – which was hilarious! Everyone laughed so much and we all thoroughly enjoyed hearing all his stories from the ‘old days’ and the wisdom that came from such experiences.


After this it was lunch time, we had to eat on the stairs as there are many people here, but we weren’t the only ones and it gave lunch a homely feel. The afternoon lecture was by Gabi Volenko – she is incredibly strong, powerful, fiery yet extremely joyful.

Christina and I

It was a fantastic experience to hear her stories and everything that she shared with us – wow she really packed a punch in the best possible way! It was then dinner and after dinner Gabi, Tommy and Christiane Ewerbeck shared stories from the old days which were really interesting.

Boys band

When the lecture ad meditation finished at roughly mid-night it was time for the moreEC Karaoke night!!!!!!! This was great fun and such a laugh! My jaw hurt by the end of the night from all the laughter! I got up to sing a number of songs, which was very fun and everyone really got into the night singing songs from all different kinds of genres! We sang and danced until 4.30am when it was finally time for sleep.

Rocking out


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