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Heavy snow

When I woke up this morning there was snow on the opposite hill – this glimpse of snow was enough to excite me. However luck was on my side today and as the morning went on the snow came it! It started with rain, turned into hail, which turned into a full on blizzard that lasted about an hour and then it just gently snow for another hour. I was watching all the progress as I meditated, which was hard as I had such an urge to just run out side at the first sight of snow…but I waited.

So pretty

When I finished meditating I did exactly this – ran outside and played in the snow for about half an hour, it was such a joy!!! I then had to quickly pack and get ready to leave.

The EC

Thomas drove me down to the train station. I caught the train from Immenstadt to Munich and thoroughly enjoyed watching the pretty white scenery. I was also fascinated by how many rooves were covered (I mean completely covered) in solar panels, very impressive.

When I arrived in Munich I got lost for about 20 minutes trying to find the bus station, but a kind man helped me. It was then time to hop of my bus which would become my home for the next 15 hours on my way back to Holland.

Snow is everywhere...

In da snow


Dining Room

Today was the last day of the transmission weekend, it ended with a final talk from Tommy and Gabi, a questions and answer session really, which area always useful. After this everyone helped pack up, clean and many people left – including all the Berlin crew in the red bus. I stayed behind and spent the rest of the afternoon/evening meditating, hanging out, eating dinner and generally hanging with the other people who stayed behind and I went to bed exhausted.

EC foyer