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Alex and I secretly woke up to prepare for Rosie’s birthday. We locked Rosie in her room and went

Fresh Mint Tea

shopping to by breakfast ingredients and decorations. We spent the next hour decorating the house and preparing breakfast. Rosie was very happy to be finally let out as she was getting rather bored sitting in her room all alone – but it was totally worth it as she thoroughly enjoyed the surprise. Breakfast consisted of eggs, bacon, fried tomatoes, raspberries, croissants, fresh spelt bread, stuffed peppers and a little cupcake fit with a singing candle and all.


After breakfast Rosie opened her presents, which was as expected a joy.

Alex and I were then so exhausted we lay down on the couch for an hour or so. Ceara came over for coffee so we chatted to her for a while.

Happy Bday girl

Rosie and I then ventured out for lunch. We went to the most amazing ‘toasty’ café, which as you can probably guess specialised in making the most amazing toasties! After this we went to H and M to do a bit of shopping. Due to the fact that it was still Rosie’s birthday we went to Va Voom in the Grote Markt to have cosmopolitans! One of Rosie’s friends joined us and we sat around having meaningful conversations about life and other interesting topics. It was then time to go home to bed as Rosie had an early start the following morning. A great day sharing the joys of Rosie’s birthday.




Exhausted after breakfast


Rosie and Alex at her work

After arriving at 7.30am at Rosie and Alex’s,

having slept minimally on the bus I went to sleep on the couch until 10am. Rosie was at work so I hung at home with Alex organising my room, meditating and just generally chilling out. Alex and I then wandered into the city to meet Rosie for a beer after work. We then went to see Happy Feet 2 – a fantastic movie! It moved me so much that I was crying and singing along at the same time, the movie put us all in a very happy mood.

Happy Feet!!

We went home to have a g and t and basically celebrate Rosie’s Australian birthday. Celebrations basically involved Rosie and I dancing to good old trashy music from back in the day! Tarik and Bert (2 of Rosie’s friends) came over to help us celebrate.

Christmas Spirit

Impressive G+T's

The resident dog at Rosie's work