Archive for December 9, 2011

As the title suggests today was a day of laziness and being unmotivated… but not to worry I did enjoy it all but wasn’t very productive in any real meaning of the word. I was semi productive at 3 occasions today…they were first when I washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, second when I meditated and thirdly when I went with Alex to get takeaway for dinner. Apart from the above mentioned activities I watched 2 movies: ‘127 Hours’ with Alex; absolutely incredible! We were left wondering if we would have the courage and strength to also break and then cut off our own arm, I don’t think I would but who knows how I would react If in the exact same situation, wowness! The second movie was ‘Terrible Bosses’ that I watched with Rosie and Alex and this was one of the worst movies we have ever seen, not to worry though we used the opportunity to try and enjoy its terribleness, and that’s about it. I have no photos of the day as I didn’t take any, woops 🙂