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Rosie browsing

My levels of motivation were back in action today! As a result Rosie and I wandered into the city to browse items and buy me a travel suit case and random stuff for the party – this included decorations, a huge table cloth (to make into a skirt) and other various items. Rosie then had to go to work so I went home to mediate which was magnificent! I then went back into the city to the Tram lost and found office – the other day Rosie and I, in a moment of unawareness left our shopping on the tram, unfortunately they didn’t have it. So as a result of this I decided to go and buy Rosie a shiny red raincoat that she really wanted.

Rosie's Red Raincoat

When I got home it was time to get my creativity on and I spent the next hour transforming my table cloth into a very ‘unique’ and skirt which is very obviously made by me. However, I managed to make it with safety pins so after the party I can just take them all off and then Rosie and Alex have a table cloth – win win.

Rosie, Alex and I spent the evening at home, relaxing and preparing costumes for the party. A productive day.