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Finished preparing

Today was Rosie’s party day, which meant that today was cleaning and preparing day. After a breakfast in the morning Rosie, Alex and I did a speed shop at Albert Hein, we then went home to speed clean! I was amazed by our efficiency in successfully preparing the whole house, decorations and all in about an hour!

50's ladies

Rosie and Alex then went to work so I used the time home alone to meditate, which was amazing. I spent the rest of the afternoon hanging with Sherwyn, reading articles, cooking dinner, making punch and then getting ready (when Rosie and Alex came home). The theme for the party was 50’s so Rosie came as a stylish 50’s women and I came as a sort of 50’s

Being a good house wife

house wife, with emphasis on ‘sort of’ – but I definitely looked like I was in costume.

All in all it was a great party, not many people came dressed up, but the few that did really added to the atmosphere – but most importantly Rosie had a great time and that’s what counts.

dancing kicks off