Monday 12th of December – Arrival at the Europe Centre

Posted: December 13, 2011 in 6. December 2011

The Christmas Tree arrives

I got picked up from Immenstadt station at about 9.30am, which meant that by 10am I had safely arrived at the Europe Centre… I was so exhausted from lack of sleep on my overnight train that I went to sleep for 2 hours. The train ride was comfy enough, much more comfy than bus riding but I still didn’t get much sleep, but I was relaxed the whole time, that’s for sure!

The view I wake up to every morning

After I woke up it was basically time for lunch. I had lunch with everyone here and it was lovely to meet old and new friends. After this I cleaned the Diamond Room and organised the cushions and blankets, highly satisfying work! I then meditated in the Diamond Room, which was really nice. I then briefly helped cook dinner.

Close up of the view

After dinner I did some stuff on the computer before going to bed nice and early.


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