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Today was the start of our meditation retreat/course. So as a result the schedule for today went a little something like this: The day began with a group 16thKarmapa meditation in the Villa at 9am, this went for approximately 30minutes. After this it was time for breakfast and socialising around in the dining. It was then time for some quick cleaning jobs, so I cleaned outside and the entrance area. I then went to help cook lunch – the kitchen is an amazing place! So Jesper directed Meike and I in some serious cooking business :)!! This was highly satisfying and a lot of fun.

Finished tree

We then all shared lunch together. After lunch we took some time to decorate the Christmas tree! This was lots of fun, decorating Christmas trees is something I definitely enjoy! I then went to meditate in the Diamond room, a few other people were also doing prostrations there so I wasn’t alone, which is always nice. After a while of meditating I took a break to read my book before going back to meditate some more!

Tabel 1 for signing

It was then time to shower and eat dinner. After dinner we did another group 16th Karmapa meditation at 8pm!

The scheduled evening activity today was signing 800 Christmas cards to send to all the different centres!

Tables 2 and 3 for signing

We created a convoy line for the cards and about 50 people signed them! This took about one and a half hours. Just on schedule (as half of the people had finished) Lama Ole and crew arrived! The first thing Ole did was give everyone a blessing, which noticeably increased the joyfulness vibe in the house. He then went up to his room…half an hour later Ole and Caty came down to sign all 800 cards – incredible, they had just gotten off a flight from South America and without any rest spent the next 2 hours signing cards, while we all sat around and listened to them telling stories of their travels! A fantastic (but late) end to a cold but beautiful day at the EC.

All 800 cards finished

Hard at work