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Meditating (nearly)

Today went a little something like this: 9am – group meditation session; 9.40 – breakfast; 10.20 – cleaning; 11 – second meditation session (individual practice); 1pm – lunch; 1.30 – thorough monthly cleaning of the kitchen with about 5 other people, this was a big job but we thoroughly enjoyed it as we got to listen to music really loud and make connections. 3.30 – third meditation session (individual practice); 5pm – shower and getting dressed; 5.30 – cyber time, which including blogging, catching up on the news and reading interesting articles on the New Scientist website for instance that spiders’ brains extend into their legs!!!


7pm – dinner = amazing, I was so incredibly hungry! 8pm – group meditation session in the Diamond Room; 8.30 – Europe Centre meeting; 9.30 – standing/sitting in the lounge hanging out with lovely people. What a day!