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Lama Ole

Thursday was very similar in structure to Wednesday except for a few minor details. Like always the day began with meditation at 9am followed by breakfast. After breakfast I went down into the kitchen to help cook lunch in the kitchen with Latsi and some other kind friend helpers.

I spent the afternoon in the Diamond Room doing 2 sessions of meditation, it was too cold to leave in-between sessions so I just sat by the fire.  It was then time for dinner!

Giving blessing

After dinner we were all in the Diamond Room about to start meditation when Caty raced in and asked us if we wanted Lama Ole to lead the meditation – of course we did so we waited 5 minutes and then he arrived and led the meditation for us. Afterwards he gave us all a blessing before going back to work.

We then were lucky enough to have questions and answers with 4 travelling teachers, which was very interesting. During this Agnes arrived which was very exciting! We spent the rest of the evening eating tiramisu with everyone in the basement before bed.

Happy Teachers

On Friday when I woke up I felt not very good at all, I had 0% energy, my throat hurt and my sinuses were all blocked – the cold that I had on the back burner for the last few days finally got the better of me. As a result I spent all day in bed with periodic appearances to meditate twice and eat breakfast and lunch. I drank so many lemon, honey and ginger drinks that by the evening I had slightly improved  so I help Agnes and Ule clean the kitchen!

We then had a moreEC movie night with Lama Ole – we watched an episode of ‘The Band of Brothers’ (or something like that), this was very cosy and we even had popcorn! Ole gave us all a long blessing, lovely.

Hungarians with Tirimisu!