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Snow Buddha

I woke up this morning to a world of white!! It had snowed all night and everything was covered in beautiful white powdery snow! I got so excited I danced around in it and threw a few snowballs in good humour! However, I couldn’t play in the winter wonderland straight away as there was a meditation to begin!

Poor mans Tobogganing

Today we were doing a 12 hour 16thKarmapa meditation. This started at 10am with Lama Ole leading it before he left for Poland. Due to the fact that I slept in this morning after about 40 minutes Agnes and I left the meditation to have some breakfast.

Fun in the snow!

The idea of a 12 hour meditation is that the mantra keeps going for 12 hours and people do shifts in achieving this and one can come in and out of the meditation as one pleases.

More fun!

Agnes and I had a number of afternoon shifts so we took the time after lunch to go and play in the snow!!! It was so much fun!! We found too big plastic bags and made a number of toboggan runs down the hill, we got totally covered in snow and laughed a lot! We also built a snow Buddha and trenched through the snow in awe at the beauty (well I was anyway).

Fail run

It was then time to get warm and begin our meditation sessions. For the rest of the evening we did 3 one hour sessions, ate dinner and then joined in for the last 45 minutes of the meditation – everyone joined in then and it was lovely to finish all together, just as it had begun! What a wonderful winter wonderland, here at the Europe Centre.


Beautiful woman