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Teethbrushing in style

It was still snowing what I woke up this morning – to my great excitement! However, today was not a day to play in the snow, today was a day to help out around the house with cleaning and drink tea whilst watching the snow fall.

The snow depth so far...

I simply can’t get over how beautiful the surroundings look, all covered in white – picturesque. It was incredible to witness in how many different ways the snow fell throughout the course of the day: blizzard, big flakes, small flakes, gently, sideways…etc! There was also plenty of time for meditation in the afternoon and evening.

EC at 3.45pm

The evening was a special evening as Sonja (the resident Italian) was cooking us all a traditional Italian Dinner for moreEC.

Pure excitement...

She had prepared a four course menu and she even managed to get her hands on some Italian wine to go with the occasion. The food was excellent, we had antipasto for entre, then some sort of soup, then amazingly tasty/perfectly cooked stake, followed by some sort of traditional Italian cake!

Snow mobile

To top it all off, after all of this amazing food she then brought out freshly roasted chestnuts! It was a really lovely evening and about 30 friends joined us. Sonja and her helpers did a fantastic job and everyone went to bed satisfied!

Italian Cake

1st course