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Immenstadt in the distance

The snow basically hasn’t stopped over the last few days, which is unbelievably exciting for me, but not so nice for all the people who have cars and have to dig them out of the snow each morning. The Europe Centre and surroundings just keep getting more and more beautiful as the snow continues.

Beautiful mornings

The snow grows...

I have started a tradition of photographing the same outside table once a day to track the snow levels, so watch the snow grow.

So during the last few days I haven’t exactly done a lot, I am still a bit sick and as a result have had extreme feelings of tiredness and have had to lie down for hours at a time. In between these occasions I have cooked lunch with Agnes, both on Monday and Tuesday – which was relatively easy as we have had lots of left overs to use in the cooking.

Agnes in the winter garden

Agnes and I also went to play in the snow for 2 hours on Monday – this maybe didn’t help my cold, but it was totally worth it. We built a really big snow Buddha, he was awesome, I don’t have any photos as I didn’t take my camera out on the adventure. We also stood under trees and made the snow from the branches fall on us – a simply but enjoyable game, it was lots of fun.

In the kitchen

Apart from that I have watched a few movies, have meditated a number of times each day and have continued walking around the house staring at the beautifulness of the snow. A very snowy cosy few days at the lovely Europe Centre.

Working hard....

Hard at work