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The Villa

The snow continued today to my joy, still as beautiful and as cold as ever. I cooked lunch with Sonja today – we made stake and roast potatoes with salad, very tasty.


Apart from that I did some cleaning, meditating and watched a movie in bed until I was suddenly interrupted by Ilona informing me that we were going to the Kempten Christmas markets in 10 minutes – so I jumped out of bed, got ready and played with the black resident cat while I waited for everyone else.

....and grows..

Spot the car

Before long we were all packed in a car driving down the snowy road to Kempten. It was highly amusing when a huge pile of snow fell across three quarters of the front windscreen – driving in the snow is highly exciting.

On our walk to the markets Sonja, Olena and I had a snow ball fight in the streets, it was very amusing.

Sonja hard at work

The Christmas markets were beautiful, it was just like in the movies – pretty bright lights, kids having snow ball fights, soft snow flakes floating down, piles of snow everywhere, big fluffy snow dogs and us drinking gluvine. It was the first time I have actually felt like Christmas might be around the corner, the cold weather, lack of family and snow everywhere doesn’t make me feel like it is Christmas – but the markets did!

Christmas Markets

Safe driving...