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It continued to rain today to my dismay – this however did make the work in the snow I did much easier. Together with Latsi and another Hungarian (whose name I can’t remember) made a labyrinth path to the bow café and then another twisty path on the deck. Digging snow (as I discovered) is much harder than it looks, after about 5 minutes my arm muscles really felt like they had received a work out, it was very rewarding though.

As a reward I built a snow Buddha on the deck of the bow café, the snow was surprisingly easy to mould, probably due to the fact that it wasn’t crisp powerdery fresh snow anymore.

Twisty path

After my afternoon meditation session I went into the kitchen to help prepare Christmas dinner. Together with Sonja and another women (I am bad at names apparently) we made tirimusu – surprisingly easy, I plan to get the recipe off Sonja (a recipe passed down from her Italian Grandmother), but basically you just separate some eggs, put some sugar in the yellow and mix till light in colour, add some mascarpone and then fold in the stiffly beaten egg whites, then layer it with lady fingers quickly dipped in coffee that has alcohol in it (secret ingredient – Sonja used Black Balsams and Vodka…yum). EASY!

Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner...again


The Hungarian boys (Latsi and Thomas) prepared Lambs leg…wow.

In the evening after meditation we all hung in the lounge and had some red wine and shared stories and questions and answers as it was Franks last night, it was very cosy and there was such a nice family atmosphere, great day.


Waterfall 2

The temperature rose (to 2 degrees), the rain came and the snow turned to slush…well not all of it, only the parts where it was already thin…slush does not make things so pretty as everything turns brown and ones feet get wet instantly when walking through it. A very different experience to walking through crunchy, dry snow and listening to the crunch, crunch sound the crisp white snow makes under ones feet…

So I went for a walk… I went to check out the waterfall to see how big it had become in the melt – bigger than before but not really big, it was still beautiful to watch the water run down in between snow.

Waterfall 1

I spent the rest of the day helping in the kitchen and meditating. After dinner and evening meditation we all watched a move in the lounge – Revolver, a very interesting gangsta movie that was all about the ego and very visually stimulating.