Thursday 22nd of December – Slush

Posted: December 24, 2011 in 6. December 2011

Waterfall 2

The temperature rose (to 2 degrees), the rain came and the snow turned to slush…well not all of it, only the parts where it was already thin…slush does not make things so pretty as everything turns brown and ones feet get wet instantly when walking through it. A very different experience to walking through crunchy, dry snow and listening to the crunch, crunch sound the crisp white snow makes under ones feet…

So I went for a walk… I went to check out the waterfall to see how big it had become in the melt – bigger than before but not really big, it was still beautiful to watch the water run down in between snow.

Waterfall 1

I spent the rest of the day helping in the kitchen and meditating. After dinner and evening meditation we all watched a move in the lounge – Revolver, a very interesting gangsta movie that was all about the ego and very visually stimulating.


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