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Today was Australian Christmas day and I was not in my finest form after dancing all night…but I did have some lovely conversations with Mum, Dad, Che, Hamish and Emil back home. It was beautiful and sunny today which meant the snow glistened and beamed magically.

The Alps

On a completely different side note I have to say I am flying over the Alps on a clear day at the moment on my way to Karma Guen and they look truly magnificent – all covered in crisp white snow and span to the edge of the horizon as far as the eye can see!! I had to mention it now in case I forget.

Eric and Ifka

So in the evening I got a lift to Immenstadt with Sylvie and Thomas picked me up at the train station to take me home. I was greeted by Ifka and cute Eric! Basically as soon as we got to their house we left again for an evening stroll to some other friend’s huge house where they were having a dinner party. The walk was delightful as was the food and company at our destination.

I got to say a last goodbye to everyone there before walking home with Thomas, Ifka and Eric. When we got home we put Eric to bed ad I enjoyed my Christmas present of tea and cake before going to bed myself.

Ready for the cold


Christmas lunch

Today at the Europe Centre it was Christmas and it was snowing! Apparently in Germany they celebrate Christmas on the 24th rather than the 25th…strange, but exciting nonetheless. So today was like any other day really, I spent the morning and afternoon meditating and drank lots of tea, I did also miss home and family for a tad, but not too worry.

Olena prepares...

I helped Sonja cook a special Italian Christmas lunch – as there were only a few of us around we managed to cook something very tasty – traditional Italian pasta. We had a lovely lunch and watched the snow fall, it was beautiful.


In the evening I helped prepare Christmas dinner, by 7ish we were ready to eat. It was lots of fun in the kitchen as everyone was in a happy Christmas mood. The food was excellent, all the food we cooked and the food that other people brought. There were about 30 people for dinner.

Christmas buffet

After Tiramisu for desert we all exchange Witchel Cards – instead of a present exchange people write down a gift or something they can offer on a card and then everyone picks one out. I wrote that I will teach someone how to make Australian Beer Battered Fish and Chips which Julia picked out (the actual teaching though will have to wait) and I picked out Thomas’ present of coffee and cake at his and Ifka’s house, which works out perfectly.


After this we played some more games like charades, Stop (an acting improvisation game) and the chocolate game – all of which were lots of fun and full of joy.

Witchel cards - father and son

We then decided to move to the Bau Café to dance, which we did until the early hours of the morning. A very non-Christmassy feeling Christmas which was lots of fun.

Chocolate game

Audience enjoys