Tuesday 27th of December – Back in to it

Posted: December 28, 2011 in 6. December 2011


I got back into my usual Karma Guen cooking course regime today which I love so much! It began with meditation in the morning, followed by a quick breakfast which was followed shortly after by cleaning, cutting and cooking. It was great to be working with Hans again, such a joy. We worked so well we even managed to have coffee outside while soaking up some much needed/loved sunshine.

Hans at work

The weather, even though winter is beautiful here at the moment. It is cool and crisp at night and in the morning, but the days and fresh and sunny – blue skies in all directions and the sun is even filled with warmth!

This mt looks different everyday

After lunch I had some time to lye down to rest, meditate, read, email and book a flight back to Holland…all very satisfying activities. I then ventured back to the kitchen for some final dinner prep. After dinner Agnes and I had a speedy night time walk up to the Stupa and back We got back just in time for evening meditation.

By the end of the day it felt like I had been in KG for many days, which was a comforting, homely feeling.

Velez-Malaga People


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