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Jose in the sun

So I have developed this kind of growth on the lower side of my left cheek…not exactly sure what it is. I originally just thought it was a big pimple, and then I thought it was an infected pimple, but now I am not exactly sure as it is rather painful, maybe both of the above or something else, but mostof the time I am not too concerned and the other part of the time I think I look like the beast from beauty and the beast, which gives me some amusement. My energy levels were also extremely low today – my body is having some serious purification, that’s for sure – which is a good thing, better out than in! However I did have my moments today with my five friends and all I wanted to do was cry and lay in my whole, but this didn’t last long – great friends I have around to pull me up!

Shadow fun

I am definitely in the best place to have something like this come up as everyone here is super lovely and uber helpful! For instance Hans got me in touch with Doru – a German woman who has a lot of experience with Tibetan medicine and illness’. She suggested I go on an all rice sludge detoxing diet for 2 – 3 days, rice sludge being rice that has been cooked for 2 hours in lots of water. Since I have nothing to lose I plan to do exactly that, only rice and water, nothing else. She also gave me some Tibetan medicine – a miracle pill, she was extremely helpful and full of knowledge, which I was very grateful for.

Hans and Sophie

Apart from all of that I spent the morning cooking with Hans and the afternoon having a nap and then watching a movie with Jose. It was then time for dinner and after dinner was meditation. I hung out in the Sangha room for a bit talking to people before taking myself to bed for some serious rest!