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Alien plants

I won’t say much about the last 2 days as they have been a rollercoaster ride externally (with my face) and internally. There has been extreme exhaustion, which only really went away on Friday night, when I finally had some energy, there were tears and strong feelings of homesickness, and there has also been laughter and joy at the suffering of the situations and of course there was still time for cooking with Hans and meditation.

My growth on my face grew and became more painful until on Friday night it finally burst – which was very exciting! It didn’t really exactly burst but thick puss slowly started coming out – it was totally gross and awesome at the same time!


Hans and I also made ice cream from scratch which was lots of fun and will taste amazing! We made three different types – chocolate, coconut and walnut.

There has also been lots of rice! It wasn’t as hard as I thought eating slimy rice for 2 days, but by the end I really felt so much better than before, so it definitely did some good cleansing for my system! Crazy times!

Hans and his friend