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Saturday was spent basically watching movies with Tamara which was lovely and relaxing. We got Indonesian take-away for dinner and then watched a funny documentary on religion called ‘Religulous’ we had a nice laugh and maybe even learnt a thing or two.

Sunday was my last day in Holland. I had a lovely breakfast with Rosie, Alex and Sherwyn with tea and toast! After Rosie went to work Alex, Sherwyn and I played a really fun game of quizzing eachother from my guide book on anything from capital cities, population to the price of a beer!

Alex and I then cleaned the house – always a lovely Sundayish activities! I went to Rosie’s work to have lunch with her which was really nice!

Fried Rice

In the evening we went to Joke’s house for dinner! She made amazing gourmet fried rice! It was delicious! Homely comforts indeed! When we got home Rosie and I had one last game of Cockataki before going to sleep.

Monday began at 6am, Rosie had to work early so we got to have breakfast together before we both parted – it was a sad occasion!

I then got busted at customs! Bugger! Apparently I was only aloud to stay in the Shengen area 3 months, but could have stayed for 6 if I had reported myself with no worries but that was information I had not heard!

So anyway it was a rather stressful experience – I had to wait in a ro for abut 10 minutes…silently…I then had to get an interview with 2 customs officers who wrote down everything and anything I said! One of them then informed me I will have a ban placed on me and wont be able to return for a year… After I sat in the other room for 10 minutes getting depressed I was told to go and got informed by my initial inspector that they won’t put a ban on me I just can’t come back for 6 months – so it was an unlucky situation turned lucky!

Dramatic Edinburgh

This still put a dampen on my arrival to Edinburgh – but Rafal (a guy from the Sangha) picked me up from the airport and took me to Ieva’s house where I am staying. I spent the night at home alone, Ieva and her house mate are away. It is good to be here – I thoroughly enjoy being able to eve’s drop on people again and read newspapers over people’s shoulders – ahh the simple pleasures!


Apple Crumble

On Thursday I made apple crumble! It was delicious! The rest of the day was spent internetting, meditating and cleaning – standard. After last night’s dinner for dinner again Rosie, Alex and I all had a game of Cockalikee – the funny card game that involves making animal sounds, it was hilarious! After this Rosie and I went to the Grote Markt to have a beer which was lovely.

Photo shoot

Friday was spent hanging with Rosie as it was her day off. Ceara came round for coffee and it was really nice to see her. We then went into the city to run errands and get lunch. These errands involved getting photos taken in an instant photo booth, haven’t done that in years.

When we got back we watched an Australian film ‘Red Dog’, which I loved, it was a very beautiful and touching story, I cried my little heart out 🙂

Making Pizza

Rosie made pizza from dinner, from scratch! It was delicious; she really did a superb job. We then went upstairs as it was Sherwyn’s birthday party! We then went out to sing some karaoke and pull some dance moves, fun times.

Dinner Time


Made with Love

Tuesday was a rather uneventful day apart from the fact that Rosie and I watched the last episode of Downton Abbey to our great joy to the episode and disappointment that it was all over until sometime later this year.

On Wednesday however it was all go go go. I spent the morning skyping with friends and family. I had a lovely talk to Hans and he gave me the heads up for a pastry recipe as today was going to be another pie making day. I had decided to make my own beef pie of sorts. It was very easy. The recipe for the pastry is simply 2 parts flour, 1 part butter and salt to taste – mix until it resembles pastry then let it rest in the fridge for at least half an hour.

The filling

To make the filling I fried some onions then chunks of beef at a high temperature. I then added red wine, leeks (aka boring), a few stems of rosemary, carrots, salt and pepper. Towards the end I added a bit of corn flour to thicken it up, so far it looked and tasty good.

After my pastry had rested I rolled it out with the handy help of my make shift rolling pin – a wine bottle. I pre-baked the pastry to crisp it up for about 15 minutes, then added the filling and made the top look pretty(ish).

Serving the Pie

It was very yummy! After dinner Alex’s friend Dan came over and we had a game of Scattegories – thanks to the internet. I am happy to report that I won! It was a great evening.

Today was a lovely day! I spent the morning basically meditating and Edinburgh researching. Highly satisfying and productive.

When Rosie got home from work at 2pm we decided to have an adventure. We went riding round the city looking for Bolderdash as I wanted to buy it, but we were unsuccessful on this mission. So we decided to go to the Grote Markt to have a beer. We got completely caught up having intellectual conversations and running into friends of Rosie so before we knew it the time was 8pm and it was time to go home. Not before getting amazing Greek food for dinner, yum yum. It wasa balanced day combined with productivity and socialising fun.


Today I made Lemon Meringue Pie from scratch! I started making it at 4pm and it was ready by 7.30pm, right on time!! It was relatively easy but took me a while as I didn’t have an electric beater to do the egg whites and there was a lot of heating and cooling involved.

The occassion was Alex’s family was coming for dinner. Clara made a lovely chicken curry for dinner and it was a great evening in general.

Quintin and Yuna

I spent the rest of the day looking up information about finding a job in Edinburgh, all forms, paper work and protocall – entertaining 🙂

Serving Pie

Man and his Dog

The major things that I have done of the last few days are as followed:

Not blogging


Getting overwhelmed by all the things involved in moving to and finding a job in Edinburgh.

Playing guitar and singing with Rosie – always a classic activity to do in Holland when it is raining outside.

On Wednesday morning Rosie and I went dog walking with Rosie’s friend Alvin and Dan (her son). Their dog is a 14 year old border collie and we took her to the park to fetch sticks. After this we went to Joosts to have coffee, it was a lovely morning.

Dog walking

Cooking and eating dinner and cleaning the kitchen – these are regular homely activities that I rather enjoy the comfort of.

On Friday night Clara made a lovely potato and minced beef pie for dinner and afterwards we all watched a movie together.

Cruisin' in Ikea

On Saturday Alex and I went to Ikea to buy a new cupboard for Rosie. We were speed misters through the shop and I enjoyed getting pushed in the trolley. When we got home we spent the next hour putting our Dombas Cupboard together, it was amazingly easy and quick. It felt good to be so productive, hands-on and useful!

On Saturday evening we played cards with Clara – a new card game involving animal cards and animal noises, as a result lots of laughter.

So many Dombas'


And that’s about all from me for now – Ava (Alex’s sister) just arrived with baby Yuna so its time to roll out of the cyber world.

Rosie's Poker Face

The finished product


I once again enjoyed a luxurious morning of waking up to the sun and the fresh air, meditating, taking myself out for coffee and reading my book.

When Rosie came home from work we decided to go ‘Eye Bombing’. This is the act of placing googly eyes on inanimate objects in public places to make people smile and the world a tiny but brighter and funnier!

Where's Wally?

After we bought the necessary supplies of eyes and super glue we began on our adventure – as you can see in the photographs. Our adventure was bought to a sudden end when we were in the park about to glue eyes on the bin to make it smile when we were greeted by the police.

At the playground

After happily explaining we were just temporarily sticking them on to take a photograph for an art project, they left us alone, but not before explaining that if we didn’t remove them we would get a 120 euro fine – close call indeed. We walked away laughing and decided it was probably time to go home.

Eyes on the bar

We spent the rest of the evening and afternoon watching Downton Abbey, talking to Alex and Clara and enjoying the comforts of Bangers and Mash for dinner.

The one that nearly got us


Today was a lovely day, sunny and fresh! I woke up in my shed cosy and warm, opened the door and watched the sky. I love sleeping in my shed all tucked up in my uber warm sleeping bag, the only problem is getting out in the morning, as I am warm but the air in my room is cold. Never mind the fresh air is greatly refreshing in the morning.

After a relaxing morning of chilling around and my morning meditation I took myself and my book out for coffee – down the road to Crunch, it was lovely. Rosie then came home from work; we made lunch and started to watch Downton Abbey – very fun.


In the evening we had guests for dinner – Quinton and his girlfriend. Rosie and I decided to make home-made hamburgers! They were delicious! We served them with baked potatoes and a variety of ingredients to make the perfect burger! It was a great evening of cooking and entertaining.


On Friday the day began with a 6.30am meditation session, which for me is surprising, but what’s more surprising is I loved it… all the power in the Gompa was out so Jose and I were meditating by candle light 🙂

Lovely Hans drove me to the airport with some other people and I left for Holland on an 11am flight. I spent the whole flight watching Sherlock Holmes BBC series – I do love it very much, he is so clever and funny and I think the BBC’s casting of the characters is perfect!

Clara arrives

I arrived at Rosie and Alex’s at about 4pm ad was glad to be back. I had a great evening with Rosie challenging each other intellectually as we debated many things about the world – mainly education – a classic!


Since I have been here I have been using my time to recuperate, the last few weeks of travelling seem to have exhausted me on many levels, so I have been relaxing and just taking it all in – enjoy the comforts of home with no expectations of ‘having’ to do anything, it has been well needed I tell you. I have continued to watch Sherlock Holmes, have started watching BBC’s Pride and Prejudice – oh Miss Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy what a classic!! And naturally I have continued to enjoy my daily meditation sessions – also a classic!

Rosie's impressive art

On Sunday night I decided to make a good old Sunday Roast chicken with roast potatoes and carrots! Clara (Alex’s mum was arriving). We all sat around the dinner table, drank some wine and enjoyed the comfort or a Sunday roast. Clara is fantastic, such a bright energetic happy woman. I concluded the evening watching the last episode in the Sherlock series on TV – epic is all I can say!

Sunday Roast


I have been slack over the last few days in blogging, I know. This has been due to other activities taking my priority and laziness…tough I know.

So these activities have included but are not restricted to the following:

Meditating…yes it was amazing.

I branched out and cooked dinner for everyone on my own – simple freestyle chorizo pasta.

Pretty plants...

Playing with Jane.

Visiting my friend the Stupa.

Listening to teachings from Nic from UK.

Watching movies like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 and TV series like BBC’s Sherlock Holmes.


Calmly freaking out as my hard drive crashed, which was followed by a few hours of failed internet research which was followed by my new hero Zenon who managed to fix it with his genius computer IT man skills.

Hanging and talking with friends.

Picking oranges and avocados…Yum (oranges, not avocados for me).

Packing as on Friday the 13thI leave for Holland.

Walking with Jane

Face purifications have continued – Loretta helped fix me.

And for now that’s about it.