Saturday 31st of December – New Year’s Eve

Posted: January 2, 2012 in 6. December 2011


It was the last day of 2011, I can’t believe it is already the end of the year. This year seemed to go by unusually fast, I know I think this every year, but this year really felt a LOT faster than previous years, time is so random.

Ice-cream sandwich beginnings

Anyway, today was just like any other day, except for the fact that we had to prepare much more food because tonight we were having a new year’s feast! I also found out from a Spanish friend who is studying to become a doctor that the growth on my face is most likely a spider bite so I started putting cortisone on it and it improved very quickly!


I had the morning free as we ran out of gas so I decided to skype Eden. Hamish and co were having a huge new year’s party/week – this was so lovely! I got to talk to everyone: Mum, Dad, Brooke, Hamish, Ceri, Bess, Philippa, Ellie, Peter, Carl, Sarah and Corin, there was lots of laughter shared.

Some of the food

The afternoon was spent mainly in the kitchen! We prepared masses of food, including our amazing home-made ice cream and Ox stake! Dinner was a real joy, there were heaps of people came and everyone was satisfied with dinner.

Dinner begins

After dinner we stood around the bon fire and then had a quick pre-dace before going to watch the streaming from Hamburg at mid-night. It was then 2012 so we spent the first 3 hours of the year busting out some serious dance moves in the cafeteria before going to sleep happy.

Dancing continues

Improvised fire wood

Hungry customers

Cooked to perfection


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