Thursday 5th and Friday 6th of January – Pyjama Party

Posted: January 7, 2012 in 7. January 2012

Celebrity Heads

On Thursday evening we decided to throw a pyjama party as all the students needed a well-deserved break from all of their studies. Udo kindly gave us his room for the party. It was lots of fun, Jesus, Agnes and I organised it – this involved a post-lunch meeting to brain storm PJ party games and organising drinks and snacks.


Funny times

The night started with Uno, always a classic. We then played wink murder, followed by Charades which was then followed by celebrity heads. After this we played some other random games which involved a lot of truth telling. Everyone got right into the spirit of it and dressed in pyjamas and thoroughly enjoyed all the games. It was so much fun we didn’t end until 3.30am.

Venezula Bread

Apart from that I had the day off work, which was really nice. I used the time to catch up on emails, meditate a number of times and enjoy a relaxed long lunch in the sun, it was surprisingly warm today. After dinner I browse potential jobs in Edinburgh, which turned out to be a little more difficult than I thought and then it was PJ party time.

Coca-Cola Chicken

Naturally on Friday I (along with everyone else) was rather tired, but not to worry it was a beautiful day and there was cooking to be done! Hans and the rest of us made coca cola chicken, just to mix things up a bit – this was surprisingly tasty. Jose made amazing Venezuelan bread that is filled with ham, bacon, olives and sultanas…it was exquisite. The warm continued today – there was definitely some Africa in the air as the wind was so warm. It was a lovely day really, very relaxed with a long afternoon siesta and a movie after the evening meditation session.

Polish healing methods


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