Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th of January – BBQ

Posted: January 9, 2012 in 7. January 2012

Camilla explains

On Saturday the ITAS course ended which meant that the students had the afternoon off and it was time to have a farewell dinner and fiesta in the evening. It also meant that is was our last official day cooking in the kitchen, how sad. So we spent the morning making lunch and preparing stuff for dinner – like huge amounts of potato salad!

People look and listen

In the afternoon Camilla kindly gave those of us who wanted a tour of the paintings in the big Gompa. This was fascinating, she was full of so much knowledge and the paintings tell such a rich story and they are all filled with meaning. It left me much more appreciative of the wondrous Gompa.

Picking Oranges for Karmapa

In the evening there was more BBQ prep to be done, which was fun. Finally Miguel arrived and started frying amazing meats on the BBQ, that all tasted delicious! It was a great dinner, with lovely food and great company. After we went to the cafeteria for a bit, but I wasn’t much in a party mood so Agnes and I went to bed early as she was leaving the next day in the morning for India.

Playing with Jane


On Sunday as I just mentioned Agnes left with Jesus, it was a sad parting occasion. I spent the rest of the day moping around, sleeping (as I was very tired), meditating a number of times and talking to Hans and other various people. I took a nice leisurely walk up to the Stupa which was really nice and ate a freshly picked mandarin on the way and a freshly picked orange at the top. In the evening after meditation we all watched the new Sherlock Holmes movie which was not amazing but entertaining enough.

An expert at work


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