Monday 16th of January – Home-made Burgers

Posted: January 18, 2012 in 7. January 2012


Today was a lovely day, sunny and fresh! I woke up in my shed cosy and warm, opened the door and watched the sky. I love sleeping in my shed all tucked up in my uber warm sleeping bag, the only problem is getting out in the morning, as I am warm but the air in my room is cold. Never mind the fresh air is greatly refreshing in the morning.

After a relaxing morning of chilling around and my morning meditation I took myself and my book out for coffee – down the road to Crunch, it was lovely. Rosie then came home from work; we made lunch and started to watch Downton Abbey – very fun.


In the evening we had guests for dinner – Quinton and his girlfriend. Rosie and I decided to make home-made hamburgers! They were delicious! We served them with baked potatoes and a variety of ingredients to make the perfect burger! It was a great evening of cooking and entertaining.


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