Saturday 28th to Monday 30th January – Busted

Posted: January 31, 2012 in 7. January 2012


Saturday was spent basically watching movies with Tamara which was lovely and relaxing. We got Indonesian take-away for dinner and then watched a funny documentary on religion called ‘Religulous’ we had a nice laugh and maybe even learnt a thing or two.

Sunday was my last day in Holland. I had a lovely breakfast with Rosie, Alex and Sherwyn with tea and toast! After Rosie went to work Alex, Sherwyn and I played a really fun game of quizzing eachother from my guide book on anything from capital cities, population to the price of a beer!

Alex and I then cleaned the house – always a lovely Sundayish activities! I went to Rosie’s work to have lunch with her which was really nice!

Fried Rice

In the evening we went to Joke’s house for dinner! She made amazing gourmet fried rice! It was delicious! Homely comforts indeed! When we got home Rosie and I had one last game of Cockataki before going to sleep.

Monday began at 6am, Rosie had to work early so we got to have breakfast together before we both parted – it was a sad occasion!

I then got busted at customs! Bugger! Apparently I was only aloud to stay in the Shengen area 3 months, but could have stayed for 6 if I had reported myself with no worries but that was information I had not heard!

So anyway it was a rather stressful experience – I had to wait in a ro for abut 10 minutes…silently…I then had to get an interview with 2 customs officers who wrote down everything and anything I said! One of them then informed me I will have a ban placed on me and wont be able to return for a year… After I sat in the other room for 10 minutes getting depressed I was told to go and got informed by my initial inspector that they won’t put a ban on me I just can’t come back for 6 months – so it was an unlucky situation turned lucky!

Dramatic Edinburgh

This still put a dampen on my arrival to Edinburgh – but Rafal (a guy from the Sangha) picked me up from the airport and took me to Ieva’s house where I am staying. I spent the night at home alone, Ieva and her house mate are away. It is good to be here – I thoroughly enjoy being able to eve’s drop on people again and read newspapers over people’s shoulders – ahh the simple pleasures!


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