Wednesday 1st of February – Galleries and Cemeteries

Posted: February 2, 2012 in 8. February 2012

David Humes Cylindrical Chamber

I continued in my (now) usual fashion of waking up, turning on the hot water, meditating, making and then naturally eating breakfast with a cup of tea, which was soon followed by my morning bath – I am getting used to having a little bath every morning!

I then headed out to do some more printing and scanning stuff for job offers so straight to the library I went – my new favourite hang out in Edinburgh! I have made this my hang out as I have had a great struggle in finding a nice little café to sit in and fill out forms, all I can seem to find are bars – so the library it is!

Massive tomb stone!

I then decided to go to some galleries! First stop was the National Gallery, which had a lovely collection, it was warm and peaceful in there and the building was again old and beautiful. I then made my way to the National Portrait Gallery which I really enjoyed! Was nice to get out and seem some good old artworks!

Utilising the Edinburgh buses I made my way to Old Calton Burial Ground. When they say old they really mean OLD! Many of the tomb stones were all cracked and falling apart! It felt like going back 1000 years in time! This cemetery is the home (deceased home) of David Hume (1711 – 1776), a famous Scottish Philosopher and noted atheist which I found pretty cool!


By this time it was getting dark so I headed home to do my usual of meditate, cook dinner and skype! It was then time for meditation at the Edinburgh Buddhist Centre! I had a bit of a mission finding the place, but luckily people are friendly so I got help from strangers! It was so nice to go to meditation and meet the Sangha!

I walked home with a few people which was really nice! I then watched a movie and went to sleep – again all cosy under my doonas!

The Scottish 'Red Dog'


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