Thursday 2nd of February – Hollyrood Park

Posted: February 3, 2012 in 8. February 2012

My destination

Today began in the usual way of waking up, amazing really. I then went about my morning routine of meditating, breakfast, bath and getting ready! Today I was going on an adventure to climb Hollyrood Hill – Arthurs seat – the highest peak in the area, a massive 250metres!!!

The beauty of Scottish hills are the lack of trees or any flora apart from grass and the occasional bush, which means it is basically impossible to get lost. This being said when I arrived at the park I saw the peak and just headed straight for it – this meant that I was soon climbing a very steep bit of hill, which was great exercise. I kept climbing and had soon reached the summit where I was greeted by sunlight and an icy cold STRONG wind!

I made it!!!

The view was spectacular, overlooking all of Edinburgh, the ocean and surroundings! It was truly beautiful and worth the walk.

I used the same approach to get down – freestyle. This ended up with me basically crawling down some very steep rocks on my arse with a freezing cold wind hitting my face, making my eyes water up, which didn’t help with vision. It was an adventure. I continued walking all around the park, watching all the dogs play and the crows’ scavenge. Until I had to make a quick exit as I was busting to go to the toiled.

The view over Edinburgh

The closest toilet being in Parliament I decided to have a look around. I went to watch the politicians in the ‘debating’ chamber. However after their performance I think it should be re-named the ‘agreeable’ chamber as they ALL got along, were clapping all the time, laughing with each other and having a jolly old time…incredible!!!

I then headed home to meditate, cook dinner and prepare for my skype interview tomorrow. After I did all of this I went to a local pub and had a beer and talked to some funny Scottish people which was nice. I was tucked up in bed by 11pm!

Edinburgh Castle

I am strangely enough really enjoying this time living on my own and exploring a new city, I have learnt 2 things worth mentioning. 1: I am pretty good company, me myself and I are have a pretty good time together, we like hanging out, we laugh to ourselves, maybe go a little mad at times. 2: The interactions I do have are far more meaningful and inspiring, I really appreciate people!

The Queen's residence in Scotland


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