Monday 13th – Wednesday 15th of February – Edinburgh to Brighton to London

Posted: February 16, 2012 in 8. February 2012

The Old Princes Play Palace

I caught the train from Edinburgh station to Brighton on the morning of the 13th of February. It was a most pleasant journey travelling through the snow speckled English country side. My journey was only dampened by my bad choice of movie to watch, I will know better for next time. The journey took 6 hours in total with a stop off in hectic London.

Seth (my new friend from the Sangha in Brighton) met me at the train station and walked me to his cute little flat. He is really lovely and friendly and I felt very welcome to be there. We then had a quick cup of tea before going to get Thai for dinner and head to the centre for meditation. It was great to meet all the friends at meditation, all so warm and friendly.

At the 'beach'

On Tuesday morning I headed out to Sussex University to meet the supply recruitment company. I had an hour to spare so I wandered around the uni pretending to be a hip uni student – this failed as I was not wearing the hip fashion of the actual uni student but smart(ish) interview cloths, nonetheless I enjoyed pretending anyway.

Brighton Street Art

The interview went really well and I spent the rest of the day exploring the streets of Brighton and filling out more forms. Brighton is a really cute lovely little beach town. There are beautiful boutique streets and alley ways to explore. The vibe is most enjoyable!

In the evening Seth and I went out for a beer to celebrate ‘hetero-normativity reinforcement day’ – thanks Lynda for the brilliant label of such a day. It was crazy to see how obsessed the English are with the aforementioned day! Every restaurant and bar was FULL of couples and only couples and candles! Seth and I had fun though.

On Wednesday I went out for breakfast with Seth, Steve and Olga, which was lovley. I then wandered along the beach – well what the English call a beach – I don’t know if you can have rocks (large pebbles) instead of sand and still call it a beach. Regardless it was beautiful! I had to pack…again and head to London where I will stay for 2 nights. It was a cheap and easy ride to London – actually it cost me basically as much to get from Brighton to London as it did to get from one tube station to the next IN London.

Seth, Steve and Olga

I am staying with Tarini who is temporarily sub-letting a room. Her flat just happens to be directly across the road from the British Museum! It was so nice to see Tarini again and share all our adventures of the last 6 months. We then headed out to a gallery opening of one of her friends – which was really fun. We followed this with a beer at the local pub before heading home to bed!

The 'beach'

  1. emptystapler says:

    slept on that beach, right there! terribly stoney xx

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