Thurday 16th and Friday 17th of Feburary – London Town

Posted: February 19, 2012 in 8. February 2012

Dakini from 17th Century Tibet

I had a lovely two days in London, well not even two days, two and a half days and two nights. I spent the majority of Thursday afternoon at the British Museum, which is amazing. I was in the Asian section for hours looking at all the beautiful Buddha statues they have there; it was most cultural and enjoyable. On Thursday evening it was meditation at the centre. Heaps of people where there, everyone was smiling and friendly. I knew a few people but most I didn’t, this didn’t matter though I had a really nice time and hung out afterwards.

I then went to the pub with Scotty, Tarini and this other girl (whose name I can’t remember unfortunately), we had a beer and chatted which was nice. Tarini, Scotty and I then decided to hit up some gay clubs in Soho. This gave us a great opportunity to get our dance on – it felt great to dance for hours into the early hours of the morning – Scotty and Tarini are so much fun.

I woke up nice and early on Friday morning to go and have breakfast with Stef which was really nice. We went to this huge boutique Italian café which made very good coffee and pastries.

Buddha from 5-6th Century

Before I knew it, it was time to leave to head to the airport. I very easily just caught the tube to the airport and arrived with plenty of time to spare. My flight to Istanbul was basically empty so I had three seats to myself which meant I could lie down – a real luxury after travelling on so many packed budget airlines.

Coffins from the Ga tribe in Ghana

I didn’t get to the hotel until about 11.30pm, it was a long taxi drive from the airport to here. Our hotel is in the outskirts of the city in what looks like an industrial area. However I have a massive room, so naturally my first instinct was to put my stuff everywhere before crashing in bed – probably one of the comfiest beds I have ever slept in!

P.s. My blog is having a disagreement with me and uploading photos so I’ll try tomorrow

British Museum


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