Saturday 3rd March – Wednesday 7th March – A Weekend with Hannah

Posted: March 7, 2012 in 9. March 2012


As the title (often) suggests I spent the weekend with the fabulous Hannah Glennie! It was so nice to see her and have her here to explore the back streets of Brighton with me. There is such pleasure in an old (not as in age) friendly face.

Before Hannah got here I had to go about some house hunting business. Marie, Petr and I went to see this one house that is on our list, but we decided that it would have been too expensive for what it was, especially since it had no furniture, which would make our lives a tiny bit more difficult.

Only in Brighton

I spent the rest of Saturday wandering around Brighton with Hannah. She loved it so much she has decided to move here in a few months, which is very exciting. On Saturday night we had a special date with the Jezebels who were playing at Audio. Wow, they were truly amazing to watch live, their songs gave me goose bumps and I must have had a smile on my face the whole time. It was so good to get out and see some good live Australian music!

Since then my house hunting life has continued. I have started looking for somewhere on my own (the others also has) as it is difficult to find somewhere together. I looked at one room on the weekend, but turned it down as it was in a house with a woman who will be away from the 1st month and a guy who she never sees, so I figured I would probably be a bit lonely. The plus about this house though was it had a dog, which nearly, but not quite, tempted me…I think if the dog had been there the 1st month I might have taken it.

One of the pretty laines

I also viewed another room on Monday night, which was really cool. I only met one of the 3 other house mates but she was lovely and the room even had a sea view and was about 100m away from the ocean. I am going back on Saturday to meet the other house mate, so will have to decide then. Because since then Marie has got a job, which is fantastic news! This also means that it will be easier for us to find a house, but we still don’t know how easy as there is A LOT of competition, but by the end of the week we will decide. It is getting a little demanding having three of us in one room, especially with my early nights and mornings. It has been a great experience though, all of it, the house hunting, the rejection, the sleeping arrangements, and definitely some new experiences for me, that’s for sure!!!

More laines

I taught at a new school on Monday, a really nice school just outside of the city are of Brighton. It was a really nice school with very well respecting kids, but I was a bit tired so they kind of walked all over me… this is something I have to get used to if I am prepared to work when I am tired. When I get back into the swing of things it will become much easier!

A beautiful winter day

I took today off as I had some chronic stomach cramps last night and didn’t feel quite right this morning when I woke up. It has been lovely to relax at home. I have spent my time house hunting, I skyped Hamish and Ceri which was really nice, ate some yummy food, meditated and did my washing and now I might read my book and then meditate again! Lovely.


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