Thursday 8th – Saturday 10th of March – a Few Days in Brighton

Posted: March 10, 2012 in 9. March 2012


I enjoyed my time working on Thursday and Friday. I especially enjoyed my day on Friday. I was teaching in Rottingdean, which is a tiny quaint little town down the coast from Brighton (towards the east). It was such an adorable town, with little streets, and such a strong smell of the sea I felt like I was far far away from any major civilisation – not the actually hour to London. That is one of the things I love about Brighton is all you have to do is travel for 20 minutes on a bus and you find yourself basically in the countryside in a cute little town somewhere. I am definitely going to go back to Rottingdean to explore!

The Sangha

I did have an interesting experience at a Catholic school I was teaching at, when it was announced that the year 5 and 6 grade children will have an opportunity to go to confession to ask forgiveness for their sins. Apart from this the kids were great and very well behaved!

I attended my first Brighton Sangha centre meeting on Thursday night which was lots of fun! We discussed our plans for the statue and thanka exhibition we will hold during the Brighton Fringe Festival, lots to do, but very exciting!

The Gompa

I had a crazy but cool dream last night: Rosie (McCall) and I were robbing a bank with some other people I didn’t recognise! It was such an organised mission in broad daylight and we had everything under control. At one point we were given atm cards to use at the bank and we planning on withdrawing $1,000,000. At this point I got nervous and thought I should only withdraw $10,000, but then Rosie came back with her million so I decided to also withdraw a million! Crazy!!

Today I had a stressful situation at a sports store trying to find soccer/running shoes – after an hour I came out with nothing – this was the stressful part. Seth said he would go back with me tomorrow to help me; I really am a terrible shopper on my own! So I then went to buy a vintage red leather jacket – as you do, it is cool though so that is fun!

I also went back to view my potential new house, but I won’t know about that until next week – I hope I do get it and find out soon!

The hang out area at the centre

Tonight Seth and I are maybe going to see Monument Valley play at The Hope, I hope so, I have never heard of them before (until now) and they sound cool so we will see! But apart from that I just meditated and am now hanging with my roomies at Seth’s and I feel good!


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