Wednesday 21st of March – Cousin Julia

Posted: March 21, 2012 in 9. March 2012

Cousin Julia

So I have settled nicely into my new home. This means that I have filled an entire shelf with different types of tea and make myself rice for dinner every night. Rice with tuna, rice with salad, rice with vegetables and the other night I had a huge meat craving so I splurged on rice and New Zealand lamb cutlets! It is a different experience for me always cooking for one, it means I don’t get very creative, but I think in a month or so when I am over rice and salad I will start to be more creative and adventurous with myself. Mind you I did make pasta and pesto today, which is different to rice, but not so creative I know.

Gourmet dinner for one.

I have also been enjoying my new routine of taking myself out for an afternoon coffee. I have discovered 2 amazing coffee joints (both of which are owned/operated by Australians so the coffee is actually decent) and I really enjoy going there after work, sitting and reading whatever I can. It is something new for me as in the past I just would have automatically invited a friend, but now it is normal to just go on my own which is a nice feeling. Today I mixed it up however and went to get a 9 pound haircut! I then bought hot chips and took them down to the beach and watched the young hooligans play and the waves roll in the sunshine!

Today at the beach

So this morning I met up with Dad’s cousin Julia who was lovely. Very eccentric, a tiny bit quirky which I was delighted with, but really warm, bubbly and friendly. We are going to meet up more regularly and she is going to introduce me to the rest of the long lost family, which I am looking forward to.

I also went to a cool café with my new friend Francis yesterday. The tables moved up and down randomly (at the control of the owner), it was a great surprise when it first happened! It was really nice.

Sunset out my window

I also had a lovely time at meditation on Monday and scored myself a prostration board to take home, which meant this morning when I woke up I could do prostrations which I really enjoyed – really made my room home!

I have also unintentionally taken up running. This is due to the fact that I haven’t quite figured out the bus system so often get off too early or late, also sometimes the bells don’t work and I realise too late and also I miss my bus or am just generally late. This however is going great things for my fitness so I can’t complain! Walking everywhere also helps; I plan to get a bike soon which means I can zoom around town at my bikey leisure.

Random fruit and veg stall

I really feel like chocolate or something now, but I don’t have any so I think I might just make some tea and go to bed. I have also ashamedly addicted myself to Gossip Girl, this was due to a day sick in bed with nothing to watch…so I might watch an episode before crashing! It’s an early start and a new school tomorrow!



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