Thursday 3rd of May – Spring?

Posted: May 3, 2012 in 11. May 2012

Another Brighton Sunset

Just so I can get it out of my system I have to start with the weather.  In the last week it has continued to drizzle and drizzle. It’s not the warm spring drizzle/rain I am used to in Australia it is cold windy rain! I need a lot of motivation just to leave the house, luckily I have found it.

However, on Tuesday evening we had a lovely few hours of warm spring sunshine! I utilized this time by going to have tea with Francis at her house in Kemp Town. I then went to play soccer/football with Seth and his work buddies. This was really fun! I loved running around in the sunshine and they were all really friendly, my enjoyment might have been increased by the fact that I scored 3 goals.

I have had lots of work this week and last week which is really nice. One kindergarten child was convinced I was Superman and kept referring to me as Superman and I let him run with it, he then went on to ask me if I could fly to which I naturally replied ‘…of course I can!’ But overall work has been good and I have kept up with my routine of early meditation which has felt really good.

…and Another

Over the weekend we had Minde (a travel teacher from London) down to give us some teachings and meditate with us. This was a really special time. We spent all Saturday together meditating, eating, learning and what not. We did the same again on Sunday which was lovely.

I even managed to go out last weekend with Marie and her house mate. We went to Madame Geisha a kind of trendy/trashy club near the sea front, but I liked it as it had an inside plant! We had lots of fun dancing; the DJ was playing all the good old dance/club hits which I could sing along to at my heart’s content!

I just made a delightful dinner of rice, tuna and salad which was totally satisfying and now I am about to head off to meditation at the centre! I apologise as I only have sunset photos to upload as my camera hasn’t left the comfort of my room since I last posted! Hope you are all well and happy! Peace out :)!!!


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