Tuesday 22nd May – Fractured

Posted: May 22, 2012 in 11. May 2012

Being taken care of

I will start by telling the most exciting story of the week which has landed me here – sitting on the couch typing at half the speed with a fractured elbow. It all started at about 5 on Sunday when I was riding to the centre. As I was coming through the intersection at clock tower a taxi driver failed to give way to me, my quick reaction to break stopped me from hitting him, but resulted in me going straight over the handle bars onto the road landing less than a foot away from the taxi (I literally flew – it would have looked quite spectacular). I was in massive shock and extremely shaken up, but due to the adrenalin believed myself to be fine with no major injuries.

Waiting for x-rays

I sat on the footpath and 2 lovely people consoled me and bought me water. After about 10 minutes I felt ready to slowly walk to the centre. The taxi driver came up to me and was very apologetic, but because of the shock I didn’t get any of his details – silly now. But I was amazingly lucky in the end, it could have very easily been far worse, the fact that I didn’t hit my head (and I wasn’t wearing a helmet, the first thing I am going to be before I ride again is buy one) was incredible.

Olga’s got style

When I finally arrived at the centre I kind of broke down, but was consoled, comforted and taken care of by everyone there. This resulted in the adrenalin/shock wearing off which brought on extreme elbow pain. Colin drove me and the lovely Marie to the hospital. I got scene straight away at the hospital by a lovely and very friendly nurse. After a few hours at the hospital and the most painful x-ray experience I have ever had they sent me home with a fractured elbow and pain killers. The pain was unbelievably excruciating and I was (still am) unable to move my elbow from its 90 degree position. Colin picked Marie and I up and we went back to the centre for dinner, which Jenny kindly cut up for me.

Ewa giving explanations

The fact that it is my right arm that is currently out of action makes everything a tiny bit more difficult, having one arm is hard enough, but having the one arm as my left is hard. I had to laugh when I first attempted to brush my teeth as I felt so uncoordinated. It also took me 5 minutes to get my bra off so I have resorted to crop tops – much more practical!

For the obvious reason I have not been able to work this week, I am going back to the hospital on Friday to get assessed again, so I will know more about the state of my elbow then.

Chilin’ opposite the centre

Everyone has been very helpful. Kendal cut up some salad for me for lunch and Frances brought over cakes and quiches for me to eat. She also cut up a heap of vegetables so that I can cook them in the future. Today I have gained more strength and movement in my wrist and fingers which makes little things like buttons a bit easier. It is a very entertaining, new and interesting experience for me!

To brighten (haha get the pun) Marie and I went to see a theatre production last night called ‘My Big Gay Italian Wedding’, which was very funny. Twenty minutes before the show begun all the characters came into the crowd, pranced and danced around entertaining us all or as they said ‘We’re just warming you up’. The show was lots of fun, full of laughs and even boys in leotards and high heels!

Seth’s flyering style

Tonight Kahlea (from Australia) is coming to visit me, I only found this out yesterday and I am very excited to see her. I have planned for us a night for free comedy, thanks to the Brighton Fringe and the sun is shining which makes everything a little brighter!

Helpful friend

Before my accident I had a great weekend at the centre, it was the last for our exhibition and I also had a good week of teaching the kiddies! As always I will keep you posted!

The joys of painkillers


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