Sunday 8th July – Manfred Kessler and Funny Boats

Posted: July 8, 2012 in 13. July 2012

3 shades of pink – Roni

It has been a busy week, good busy!

Last Sunday was the Euro Football final, Italy vs. Spain. I decided to watch it with Roni and Giorgia, as they are Italian and I thought it would be great atmosphere. To our disappointment Spain ended up flogging Italy 4 – 0, but nonetheless it was fun.

I had work every day last week which kept me nice and busy. I only had an afternoon on Tuesday so I thoroughly enjoyed my sleep in followed by nice skype session with Hamish.

Football depression

On Wednesday Manfred Kessler came to Brighton to give some teachings. I cooked dinner for everyone at the centre on Wednesday and we all ate together then had a fantastic lecture from Manfred. Ally cooked on Thursday night and again the delicious food was followed by some more inspirational teachings, Manfred is well cool.


As a result of this I was very tired towards the end of the week as I didn’t get home till after midnight on both nights. On Wednesday night I decided to have a sleep over at Luke and Dave’s, because Dave was away and Luke needed company and I was teaching at a school near their house on Thursday. It was a nice thing to do.

On Friday I taught the tougher class I have ever taught, many punching, swearing 8 year olds, but I survived and the teacher was impressed with the work I got them to do so I left the school feeling relived and satisfied.

Enjoying food together

After this tough day at school I treated myself to a cheap haircut, always a fun thing to do.  I then went to have a beer with Josh and his mates. After which I went to meet Roni, Giorgia and Elena for a beer, it was a quiet nice evening.

Enjoying the Lecture

On Saturday Josh and his mate and I went to Paddle Round the Pier – a free water sports festival thing on Hove lawns. The weather was absolutely horrible so we didn’t stay long, but we saw a really cool band. They were a folk band with a beat boxer and did their own songs, but also a really awesome cover of Ignition by R-Kelley – classic!

Luke came over after work and I made him dinner. We then had a creative sharing session where I performed my 2 new raps and he showed me some dance productions he had been in. We then had a spontaneous dance before going to meet Roni and Frances at the Marlborough where we had a good few games of pool – another of our favourite activities. We then had a bit of a dance before going home.

Exhausted at the centre

Today the weather has also not been its finest, but in the few dry hours that we have had I went back to Paddle Round the Pier to watch the ‘Paddle something Unusual’ race. This is a race where people have to make their own (very creative and funny looking) boats and then they race them. It was hilarious, my favourite boats included: a dinosaur, 6 baths joined together, a crocodile and a car. I enjoyed some more live music and sat on the beach, but then the rain came so I ventured home to have an afternoon nap.

Music stage at PRP

All in all it was a good busy week!

Bath Tub Boat

Funny boats – Dinosaur

Josh Enjoying the English Summer


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