Monday 30th July – Brighton Summer Holiday

Posted: August 4, 2012 in 13. July 2012

The winning team!

As I began mentioning in my previous post the sun is out! Well at least it was out all last week! One whole week of sun and 20 plus temperatures! I felt like I was on holiday in a tropical location, but then I would turn around and see my flat and remember I am still in Brighton – it was a joyous feeling.

I went to the beach basically every day last week, Kendal and I made a routine of it. I also went swimming basically every day and even though the water was freezing it was a blue crystal colour – much more appealing than its usual brown.


I had many picnics on the beach in the sun and which was exactly what I needed at that point in time. Apart from that I didn’t do a whole lot – it can be exhausting – extreme relaxation. I did make sure I meditated every day and I also played guitar to help with the extreme relaxation that was occurring.

Interpretive beach art

I had a lovely day (not on the beach on Thursday – hence why I am mentioning it). I hung out with Luke and then Ella at Marwood where we sat and laughed and cried and chatted for hours, it was lovely. I went out dancing on Thursday night with Ella and her housemate Jess which was lots of fun.

On Friday night I went to Elena’s house for dinner. I now plan to adopt her. She made the most amazing food for every one and did it all single handed, I was very impressed. After dinner we had some spontaneous entertainment which included a bit of ghetto unplugged by me, Lainy singing about Ping Pong and then Elena and Roni singing and playing guitar.


After dinner we went to the Level as they were showing a free outdoor movie on a big screen. The movie was called Ping Pong and it was hilarious! It was about the geriatric Ping Pong World Championships. I highly recommend it!

On Saturday I attended Jo (Kendal’s ex-girlfriend’s) sports day birthday party on Hove Lawns. It was lots of fun. We were all broken up into 4 teams and we then competed against each other in a variety of relay competitions – the races included: wheelbarrow, sack, egg and spoon, fancy dress, three legged and more. At half time we had a bonus ‘Britians Got Talent Competition’ for 5 extra points – my team decided to rap, beat box and dance and as a result we won hands down! In the end my team ended up winning gold – which made us all very excited as everyone there was very happy competitive.


On Sunday I organised stuff for my upcoming trip to EC and packed. I went to have a second dinner at Gabi and Seth’s new apartment, which is a one minute walk from my house J. Luke came to visit me after work and we drank tea. I went to bed at 11, just to wake up at 2am to get ready to leave.

But after hours of travel time and sleeping in only 1 hour bursts I finally arrived at the Europe Centre in Germany. I had no problems getting into the country – although I was very nervous – but everything ran smoothly. This is where you find me now. Catching up on blogging while I wait for dinner and Sammy C to arrive. I have already ran into many lovely old friends and I am thoroughly looking forward to my two weeks here in this tent! I will post photos when I get back to Brighton!

Packed beach!

Double fist pump!

The boys!



A lovely couple!


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