Monday 22nd October – Copenhagen

Posted: October 22, 2012 in 16. October 2012

Lama Ole

What to say about the 40th year anniversary course in Copenhagen! It was like a lightning bolt, full of energy and over in a flash.

It all started at 4.00am on Thursday with walking to the train station and then getting my flight. I naturally slept the entire way. When I got off the plane in Copenhagen I ran into an acquaintance from the London centre so we travelled to the venue together, which was really nice. Copenhagen is very easy to get around as a tourist and everyone is super helpful. Many people were more than happy to show us where to go directly.

Shark attack with Stephan and Ivet

We arrived just in time for registration and the 11am lecture, which was great. I spent the rest of the day at the venue as I was too tired to go exploring and it was just nice to be surrounded by friends and in that atmosphere. I had enough time to meditated and eat food with old friends between the lectures. Lama Ole gave a lecture in the evening and it was so inspiring to see him again.


I was sleeping in one of the smaller sleeping halls which was actually a classroom in a school. So it was entertaining when we arrived there after 1am and we had to move all the tables and chairs to make room – but regardless I fell asleep quickly and slept deeply.

On Saturday morning I woke up nice and early and went with Calliope to the Centre in Copenhagen for a guided tour. We stopped for amazing Danish pastries on the way. The Centre was truly magnificent.

Medieval Copenhagen

We had three lectures on Saturday – each of which as exciting as the other. We learnt all about the history of the centre and the early days of Diamondway Buddhism in the West. It was great to hear all the stories and learn all about the beginnings. I also had time for meditation and speed mister walk around town with Ivet. The Danish are very friendly, warm, fashionable and generally good looking helpful people, so wandering amongst them was a joy. Copenhagen though is very expensive, for example a cup of coffee will cost anywhere between 3 – 4 pounds, which currently is 4 – 6 Australian dollars! As a result I ate sandwiches and yogurt and banana and fruit with the occasional meal, no worries though. I also forgot to mention that as we were wandering around without a map or any idea where we were going (Ivet and I) we stumbled across a cute little medieval market!! We ate Danish pancakes! Yum! We also randomly discovered the cutest traditonal Danish cafe! Everything just seemed to fit together on our adventures even though we had no idea where were were going or (now) where we went – it was fun!


On Friday night we had the course party and it was appropriately a 70’s themed party fit with a dance competition and all. It was so much fun, everyone was full of joy and we danced until 2am.

Sunday was as jam-packed as the previous days. I started early and went to bed late J. We has three amazing lectures one from Sharmapa (he is fantastic and full of wisdom) one from Lama Ole and then in the evening Dorrit and Pedro Gomez gave an incredible talk about the 17thKarmapa’s escape from Tibet. Everyone was so engaged and they were talking until 1am, even though they were meant to stop at 11pm, but it was too exciting. Pedro is a natural born story teller, his excitement was contagious and as a result when they finally finished everyone stood up and the majority of people couldn’t help holding back a tear as it was a truly touching story and as a result experience listening to it.

Cutest cafe!

This was the end of the course for me as I had to get up early on Sunday to catch a flight home. I had no issues on my journey home and felt so grateful and touched for everything.

I got back to Brighton at about 1pm, had a cup of tea, meditated and then walked to Luke, Dave and Roni’s. Dave made an amazing dinner and then after dinner we played cards. My final score at the end of the game was 108, which I enjoyed.

The place where the 16th Karmapa gave the Black Crown Ceremony.

Today I was back at work (just an afternoon today, so I got a sleep in = loved) and I have work for the rest of the week, until Friday when I will go to the EC for a week as it is school holidays. Yippeee to all of the above.
Also the photos as not as good quality as usual as I only had my phone as I didn’t take my camera due to space limitation in my luggage, but I think you get the idea 🙂

Dorrit, Pedro and Nicholas

The entrance hall at the Centre

Adventures with Ivet


Sharmapa and Lama Ole

Amazing metro ride

Pretty Street



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