Friday 2nd November – Finishing, Fun and Friendship Family

Posted: November 4, 2012 in 16. October 2012


So I am sitting on the train, just leaving Immenstadt on my way to Munich airport to return to Brighton and I have the best feeling, I am overwhelmed with gratitude, thankfulness and joy from the amazing week I had with family friends at the EC. It was definitely one of the best spontaneous (risky money wise) decisions I have made recently, and it was on so many levels. I couldn’t imagine a better place or way to spend my school holidays.


So enough with the emotional (J) let’s talk details about what happened since my last post, lets pick up where we left off which was on Sunday. I am not as sure about some of the details as my one week was long and short at the same time.

So Monday was spent enjoying the snow, it was freezing, windy and the snow kept going all day – the EC really turned into a winter wonderland. I spent a lot of time meditating in the cold, waiting for the fire to crank up! I also enjoyed some hilarious time with Katrin in the snow covering wood and scaffolding in tarps, which was amusing and we laughed a lot especially as we struggled against the cold and the snow.

The snowy EC!

Just a quick interlude to go through the usual EC running day program. It starts with 16th Karmapa meditation at 9am followed by breakfast all together. Then lunch is at 1, dinner at 7 and 16th Karmapa again at 8pm. In the breaks between lunch and dinner I spent doing prostrations most of the time and other activities. Other random activities included spontaneous dance breaks with Ivet in our room, which were lots of fun.

Monday was also cleaning day. I enjoyed a lot of vacuuming and everyone joined in the joyful cleaning which was lots of fun. I think we watched a movie on Monday night and Sunday night or maybe just one of those nights, can’t remember 🙂

Pretty snow!

Caty arrived late on Monday night and it was a joy to see her at morning meditation on Tuesday, she is incredible. On Tuesday I also got to go out and enjoy the snow as the weather was lovely and sunny and the snow was so fresh and so clean. I went for a walk on my own, which naturally turned into me tumbling, rolling and “kartwheeling” in the snow. I also built and snow man and soaked up the serenity!

Autumn leaves

On Tuesday night we had a mini concert from a Danish guy that was staying which was interesting. After he finished a few of us also took turns performing. I did my rendition of Baby, which was amusing. Other people played piano and sung and then I did some Damien Rice, which was very funny to perform such ‘sad’ songs in such a happy environment, but the best part was when they finished everyone laughed, which was so precious. I was also really nervous, so it was nice to get out of my comfort zone! Katya (6 years old) and I also performed together, she sung in Russian whilst I played guitar, she is adorable. We then watched a movie.

more leaves!

Wednesday was an amazing day. It started as usual with 16thKarmapa meditation and breakfast. Lunch was fantastic, Caty brought cakes and we all hung out during and after lunch, eating cake and drinking coffee, it was really special. The food at the EC is incredible, it would be impossible to lose weight living there! Then in the afternoon I break I finished my prostrations. Laci and Ivet joined me in the last session which was very special. It was definitely an amazing place to finish them, definitely the best thing I have completed! Wednesday was also Halloween so we planned a Halloween/finishing prostrations party. Ivet, Olga and I made cut out pumpkins and all. We had such a fun party and danced freely and joyfully for hours.


However the highlight of the day came as a surprise. Laci, Ivet, Ilona, Henkyen and Sievasurprised me with a truly beautiful Manjushi statue. I was so touched and overwhelmed with gratitude that I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t express my thanks, I could have cried, and those that know me, know it is not easy to make me complexly speechless, all the friends at the EC really are family.

Mr. Snowman

Thursday was my last day and what a great day and night it was. Last night was priceless by a mile. After dinner we all watched a movie together – nothing special but entertaining enough and just nice to be all together in the lounge. But after the movie we all ended up hanging out in the basement and everyone was in such a happy, spontaneous and joyful mood, and it was so nice that Caty could join us. We were all laughing for hours that by the end of the night my stomach and cheeks hurt from laughing – Christina and Marcus are two especially hilarious people! It was such a great night, a real gift, the perfect night to be my last (for now), as I said earlier, it was a priceless evening; I am laughing now just remembering….GOLD!


So now that’s that, today I enjoyed my last day with friends. I Played a hilarious few games of Foosball with Ivet, which turned into a spontaneous midday dance party to Greece Lightning, which was followed by chats in the sun with Meike.

So I am still on the train, still feeling grateful and thankful for all the joy, inspiration, friendship and family which we have at the EC and it is all thanks and appreciation to Lama Ole, the most amazing source of it all!!!!

The EC


The View

The sunset!







Snowy view!

  1. Ivet says:

    EC and Mr. Snowman miss you :))))

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