Tuesday 6th November – What A Weekend!

Posted: November 6, 2012 in 17. November 2012

Mother Marta

I got back from Germany late on Friday night exhausted, but happy! I spent Saturday morning cleaning my room, organising my life (kind of, but not really) and then I went to the train station to pick up Marta who was here over the weekend giving teachings.

We had such a great weekend with her; she is truly inspiring and gave some fantastic teachings. Lunch was running late on Saturday so I showed Marta around Brighton, we went to Marwood to have coffee and wandered through the Lanes. It was so good to catch up with her and we shared lots of stories and laughed! We returned to the centre for lunch and a great lecture. After the lecture Marta and I took her stuff home (she was staying with me – hence the room cleaning) and we then went to see the new James Bond film. We enjoyed it thoroughly.


On Sunday morning we naturally arrived late to the centre, but with still enough time for some explanations and meditation before lunch and the afternoon lecture. After the lecture we went on a spontaneous mission to London. The purpose of this trip was Lama Ole was going to be in London for one night and everyone was meeting him in a pub near the new London centre. Radik (from Reading who came down for the weekend), Calliope (who also joined us and cooked for us over the weekend), Marta and I all drove to London after a quick spicy dinner at my house. It was a lovely easy drive.

Eating together

There were many old and new friends at the pub when we arrived and everyone was excited and happy. It was such a precious time. Ole arrived at about 11.30 and he was so touched to see us all there and said it was ‘magic’. We got a blessing and all enjoyed being sardines in the tiny pub. He left at about 12.30 and everyone was glowing!

Incredible weather

I then went to stay (spontaneously) with Michael, Tarini, Scotty and Matt. They live in the most amazing apartment in Central East London. It is one of those apartments you see on American sit-coms that you think don’t actual exist and if they do exist you will never enter one, it was exactly like this – right in the middle of London! Tarini (the legend) made us all amazing food when we got home and we had a real mid-night feast!

Happy times

We slept only a few hours as we had to be up early to go to the centre for breakfast. Tarini had made the most amazing ginger cake and Tortilla, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but even better we got to eat breakfast with Ole which was really nice. He then left for his interview so I did some cleaning and then dragged my tired self to the bus, then the train to Brighton.

It was only 3 days, but so much happened, it was a great weekend! Back in Brighton I occupied my afternoon by playing guitar for what felt like 30 minutes, but was more like 2 hours. I then went to the centre as it was my cooking night. Made some satay stir-fry, had a Ngondro Monday session with Marushka, ate dinner and then meditated with Aly and Gernot surprised us from Germany which was nice.

Giving blessings

After medo I walked with Luke to his friends place, but I only stayed shortly as I was so exhausted I had to go home to fall into a deep slumber.

I also forgot to mention that while I was in Germany Josh moved to Australia (so I will see him there which is great) and we got a new house mate – Ayesha from Spain and she seems really sweet.

Michael and Sharn

Today I woke up as usual at 6.30 (for some prostrations) and then got the phone call into work, which I was grateful for. It was surprisingly easy to slip back into my usual routine today, after such a whirlwind half term, but the routine was (is) comfortable – it basically goes like this: wake up (6.30am), prossies, shower, breaky, work, work work, home, tea, meditation, dinner (always something with carrots it seems) and then one of the following – socialise, go to the centre, do random things at home (like blogging, internetting, cleaning, guitaring), sleep!

So that’s all for now! I have another full 3 days of work this week 🙂

Mid-night feast

The apartment!


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