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Sunday 31st of July – Relax

Posted: August 1, 2011 in 1. July 2011

Hannah's room

The best thing I brought with me to Europe - my raincoat

Today was a nothing sort of day, that involved sleeping, eating, drinking tea, internetting, walking in the rain, eating indian for dinner, talking to mum and being able to hear Brandy go woo woo woo over the phone and reading my book! Lovely.


It was raining all day today so Hannah and I made the very hard decision to watch movies all day –

Hannah, Itsy and Moni - Fan Dancing

we began with Harry Potter and ended

This is how god the Vietnamese was

with Romantic Comedies. Luckily for me Hannah and I are very compatible when it comes to movie taste and we both share a love of watching trashy movies while it rains. The only difference between us is I drank about 10 cups of tea and she had 1.

In apparent Berlin style we didn’t leave the house till 10.30 at night to go and get dinner. Hannah informed me when I arrived that people here don’t eat dinner till 11 and don’t go out till about 1am…this all proved to be true about Berlin on a weekend. We went to this amazing Vietnamese restaurant called Haoi Nam in Kreuzberg  (the suburb where Hannah lives). We got the most delicious, fresh, healthy chicken curry!! YUM!!!

We then went to this DJ night at a dingy club that smelt like a mouldy, moist humid shed. The

Dancing on window sills

music was really fun, but in Berlin style when we rocked up at 12pm no-one was there, but by 1am the place was full. We had a really fun dance there, but the humidity drove us out. We decided to ride to another area to find somewhere to dance. The next place was a tiny little bar with cool music that needed spicing up. So naturally we walked in there and danced, danced, danced, we danced on the window sills (the crazy DJ was also doing this), we danced on stools, chairs and the floor! It was lots of fun and great to have a really good true blue dance!!!!

Today we woke up late and lazed around home as it was raining. It is hard to find the motivation to go and be active in the rain outside, so


hopefully the weather clears up in the next few days, but if not I will have to toughen up!

Hannah had to go out early as she was working on the door at this little bar called the ‘Little Stage’. Jay has set up music jam session at this bar called Neon Lights and it is on every Friday. Jay performs with his band and lots of musicians come and join in – lots of talented musicians. So after Hannah left on her bike I got ready and braved the rain and Berlin public transport to make my way there, which I did very successfully!

It was a very cute little bar and all the musicians performing were very talented. Jay is an amazing singer and his band played jazz/funk music. The atmosphere was


very relaxed and chilled out. I just sat and watched people perform and sing for hours!

Hannah and I had to walk/ride (dinking) in the rain. In the end it was a very chilled out quiet night!

Today began in a rush with getting ready to leave Den Haag and head to Berlin! But after a race around the house I was on the train and on

Hannah and Jay

my way to Berlin to meet Hannah!

I slept most of the train ride.

I eventually found my way to Hannah’s house. It was so exciting to see her, she is so lovely! She has a full itinerary planed for us, which is very adorable.  We hung out at home for a few hours and had some dinner and a beer and then it was time to head out.  We went to Golden Gate, a big club in Berlin. We went with one of Hannah’s friends Jay who is lovely. We danced all night which was loads of fun! Berlin is a very happening city that’s for sure!

This morning began nice and early with coffee at Melissa’s house! I met cute little Guido who is soo adorable!!!


Then Rosie, Alex and I drove to Rotterdam to have lunch with Ava (Alex’s sister). We went to the New York Hotel which used to be where all the ships would depart for New York – a very retro cool old school building.

On the way home we went to Ikea, we did this for 2 reasons – a. Rosie and Alex needed wine glasses and b. I had never been to Ikea before! It was very amusing as we wandered around through all the display rooms, pretending to be living in them! So I have decided that Ikea is pretty cool – 6 wine glasses only cost 3.50 euros!!!!

Mike (cousin) came over for dinner and drinks tonight, which was really cool!!! I made fish and potato mashed for dinner. It was really lovely to hang out with him! He is a cool guy! I ended the night talking with Alex about life.

Hotel New York

Rosie and Kim in his shop

Today was TATTOO day!!! I went to Kim’s with Rosie at 1pm to get my tattoo. I

Pain - from the alcohol applied after!!

originally was just going to get a circle on my ankle, and then I was going to get a symbol, but then I decided to just go all out, because if you’re going to get a tattoo you may as well get a real tattoo – so I got Om Mani Peme Hung on my hip!!! It was a great experience, but by gosh it was painful. The pain didn’t get easier either! The worst part was when he drew curved lines!!! But I had a lolly pop to chew, a pillow to grab and Rosie to distract me!

It took Kim probably about 1 and a half hours to do the whole thing and by the end my legs were very stiff from lying still for that long!

Om Mani Peme Hung

The end result was fantastic, I love it and I am very happy I went for a bigger, brighter tattoo!!!

The evening was spent hanging with Alex. As Rosie had gone to Amsterdam to hang with her internship friends, Alex and I decided it was a great opportunity to go and see Transformers 3 in 3D!! We went out for Thai food before and then it was time to transform! I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. We spent the bike ride home pretending to be transformers – as you do


Kim at work




Today Rosie and I went tent shopping, so I can camp at the Europe Centre Summer Course! It was a riveting experience!

After a beer in the Grote Markt it was time to go home and get ready for we were off on an adventure to Rotterdam. After spending an extremely long time to get ready Sherwyn, Rosie and I headed to Rotterdam. We scored some free Surinamese food on the way which we ate with our hands on the tram, it was very delicious. We eventually found our way to Rosie’s friend’s house – Valerie (her friend Anna was also there).

The night was spent dancing on tables and bars at an ultra Dutch club where they played only Dutch songs, the few songs that weren’t Dutch (mostly American) the DJ added a Dutch spin to them, by yelling out Dutch words in the middle of the song as many times as suited him. It was an interesting experience to say the least!

Cooking Dinner

In the beginning of Alex and Rosie’s Sunday tradition we went for breakfast at Joost’s – lovely as always. We then browsed book stores,

Sunday style

walking between them in the rain.

We had a very relaxing afternoon at Alex’s aunts. Alex watched TV, I read my new book and Rosie talked to Alex’s aunt and her friend in Dutch, so relaxing, I felt like I was at home – drinking tea, eating chocolate and reading! Dinner was, as expected, amazing – New Zealand lamb marinated in Rosemary over night!! Yummy! A beautiful Sunday!

Saturday 23rd of July

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Today began at 5.30 am. Alex and I drove Stef to the airport; she has gone to Spain to hang out with her friend. We then decided to go the

Cooking expensive fish that was worth every mouthful!

fish shop in Den Haag. We very confidently but accidently bought 45 euros of Cod and 15 euros of prawns for dinner, which I later cooked (Eden style).

The rest of the day was spent hanging with Alex at home (Rosie was working) doing various things which included – preparing dinner, cleaning and sanding and painting the gutter of their house – up the scaffold. It was good to do some physical work and be so high up on the scaffold.

The evening was spent cooking and eating expensive dinner – beer battered fish and

Dinner time

chips and just hanging at home with Alex, Rosie, Sherwyn, Joost and Ingo (another old friend of Alex’s).

Stand quiet for a minute

Today we decided it was time to go and see some impressive art! We started off at the Photography Museum in Den Haag. The current exhibition featured work by Austrian artist Erwin Wurm. His artworks were – to say the least very impressive! My favourite of his was a serious titled ‘How to be Politically Incorrect’, all of which I found especially amusing, particularly the photograph of a man with his head down a woman’s top, who was sitting having coffee with her friend is a cafe. It was titled ‘Looking for a bomb’.

Think about Sigmund Freud

He also did a series of artworks called ’60 second sculptures’ in which he would get people to pose with random

Realize the sculpture after the instructions

objects for 60 seconds. This section of the exhibition was even interactive – as the photos show these and the instructed ’60 second sculptures’.

We then went to the Escher museum. This was definitely very impressive. Escher is awesome. There was also an interactive floor at this museum allowing people to experiment with perspective and all that. It was very amusing.

The rest of the evening was spent making dinner and going to bed early. It was good to see some impressive art!

Be a monument for a minute