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Jo and Willis

Yes I know it’s sad but true, but umbrellas are useless to me and to you. Especially when you are in a windy town, it makes it impossible to walk around. Having to blunder, struggle and battle, in a competition with the windiest tunnel. The end result is of course a mess, when I end up soaked but I couldn’t care less. Two umbrellas now I have witnessed brake, and I can’t take it any more for goodness sake. But I don’t really mind, it keeps me entertained, especially when I rock up to work, not at all shamed. So yes it’s true it has definitely been blowing a gale, but the delightful dancing of the ocean is without fail.

The family!

I had a lovely weekend last weekend! I was caught up on the couch playing songs on the guitar that were probably too emotional for Fanny’s (my house mate) liking so she encouraged me to go to see this gig at a club. I was very grateful for the offer and headed out with her to meet her lovely Swedish friends. We missed the gig, but had a nice time anyway and didn’t stay out too long which was nice. Fanny is a real sweetheart.


Saturday was spent drinking Russian Caravan Tea and eating cakes on the couch with Francis which was really nice! She is lovely ad always can strike up something to talk about, which I really enjoy. I also managed to get my housework done and meditate before going to meet Seth, Marie, Petr, Olga and Tony. Marie, Petr, Tony and I ended up at a club playing 50’s and 60’s girl group/singer music so we twisted and bopped for an hour before heading home, again at a reasonable hour.

On Sunday I rode over to 2nd cousin Julia’s house. From there we ventured out to Shoreham to meet her son, his partner, their sun and their dog! I couldn’t help it but Henry, the pure bred gold Labrador was my favourite! They were all really lovely and we went for a really long walk around the river and I spent the whole time throwing the ball to Henry! I managed to do some human socialising as well!

On the way home we stopped in on Julia’s other daughter – Nom. We had tea and cake and shared life stories, all very homely. It was a lovely weekend.

Handsome Henry!

On a more general note I have got into a real nice routine regarding the work week! I natural allow some room for spontaneity and lack of work, but generally it goes like this. I wake up at 6.30 and meditate for 15 – 20 minutes, depending on if I press the snooze button or not. I then shower, get dressed and have breakfast. I leave the house 5 minutes early so I can get a takeaway coffee from Churchill square. On the bus to school I tend to drink my coffee and read my book. I just finished ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain’ – a great book! Once at school, naturally I spend the day teaching the kids – I have good days and bad days, but more good than bad – has a lot to do with how tired I am and what school I am at, but life can be surprising.

Another Brighton Sunset

I usually get home sometime after 4 and the first thing I do is make myself a cup of tea! I then do my emails and mess again. I then meditate again for as long as my motivation and future plans allows. I then enjoy cooking myself dinner, usually something with vegetables and rice or pasta or couscous or some other exotic grain I have got my hands on, when I feel cravings or rich I buy meat and make a curry or something else. I always make enough for lunch the next day. I usually spend the rest of the evening doing different things like going to meditate at the centre, hanging with Serena, Blair and Dan, drinking tea, talking to my housemates and general whatsits. I am in bed (hopefully) by 10 and lights out by 10.30 – if all goes accordingly.

So there you have it a way too detailed description of my day to day Monday to Friday! Enjoy!!!!