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Another week has gone by living, working, meditating, eating and socialising in Brighton! Last weekend I went out dancing on Friday night with Ella, Luke and Frances, it was lots of fun and we danced like no one was watching us! On Saturday morning I felt so inspired I made Luke pancakes in bed! Yay! Saturday night was movie night, or as Josh and I call it Singles night – but Josh was away so it was just movie night. Fances, Roni and Luke came round and we laughed intensively to finding Nemo and then cried to The Kids are Alright. Having a projector really makes movie nights an exciting occasion.

Tea in bed

I also helped Roni make her new bed as Luke, Dave and Roni are all moving in together. It is very exciting as it will be so much fun to go over there for dinner parties and games night and what not when it finally happens – which actually it has now, but Luke is away so it hasn’t really.

On Sunday I enjoyed sometime at Marwood, as usual and relaxed and generally had a Sundayish day.

Tea in bed with Luke!

The rest of the week was much quieter than the last few weeks, I only worked 3 and a half days, but it was nice. I finished making a movie for Daves birthday. I have also missed Luke and Dave this week as they are in Berlin celebrating their birthdays.

We had Traumfrau on Friday which was, as always lots of fun. I helped out on the door – always my favourite part of the night. The venue was much better this time, lots of space to dance even though it was packed and a really great crowd.

I had to enjoy singles/movie night on my own last night as everyone was busy/away and this made me lonely so I got ice cream and decided to watch a feel good comedy, which was a good choice.

I had a great skype sesh with Sam and Jack this morning as they were in the course with Tomek in Canberra. It always brings me so much joy skyping with them – we laughed a lot! Such joy. I also quickly skyped mum and dad, which is always so lovely – seeing the dogs is one of the highlights for sure.

On Thursday night at the centre Karinka made dinner for everyone which was delicious. It was very special to spend time together eating – especially now that the weather has really changed and it is getting really windy, dark, rainy and cold. This makes me very looking forward to going back home at the end of the year. It is a funny feeling when I think about going home – mixed feelings indeed, but I still have 3 more months here and lots of fun and adventures are to be had.

Saturday night fun!

Claire made a roast dinner today for her friend and we all got to join in. I haven’t had a roast in ages, it was well tasty!

Not sure how much I will be working this week, but hopefully loads! That’s all for now, I am off to have a beer with Roni!


Frances and Roni at the Marlborough!

It has been exactly 2 weeks since I have last posted, but I have a good reason for the lack of posts. Actually I have two good reasons, nothing really exciting happened last week and I have been flat out, but in a good way.

I ended up getting work on this same class for the last two weeks, which has been great, but an experience. I had to spend the last 2 weekends planning lessons amongst other things – something I haven’t done for a while and it quite quickly came clear to me that I am out of practice.

Peter Gomez

It was tough because I only was able to plan for a week at a time, so all my activities had to be hypothetically finishable (I know I just made that word up Microsoft) within the week – they all of course were not, but I had to consider this factor. Next week though I only have the class for 2 days then their actual teacher is coming back as she is better – hopefully for her sake!

Attentive listeners

It was a very strange experience as for the last 2 weeks this class have technically been mine even though the kids know and I know that they are actually mine and their real teacher will soon come back and mix things up a bit. I think this has been a hard concept for the kids and me to get used to. It was also an interesting experience, during the middle of this week I felt like I was just struggling to stay above water, but by today I felt like I had things under control again and was managing fine – probably because its Friday and everyone loves Friendship Fridays!

Packed in the gompa

So in regards to other news and far more exciting news! It was Petr’s birthday last Friday so Marushka arranged a surprise birthday party for him at the centre, with food, decorations and all. It was lots of fun we danced and had a jolly old time. Then on Sunday Peter Gomez from Spain arrived as he was spending two night in Brighton giving teachings. He arrived a little later than expected, but we enjoyed the opportunity to practice our flexability. He gave great talks and we enjoyed eating together. Because of my work situation I wasn’t able to hang around long after the lectures, but everyone else enjoyed a lovely time with him, which was really nice. A few people from St Albans and London came down so we had a full Gompa which was great! I was also exhausted as a result of this and spent most of Tuesday in Zombie mode which was fun – also Thursday because Kendal decided to come home with 15 people at 4am on Wednesday night which resulted in the rest of us getting know sleep – also an interesting experience on Thursday morning!

Eating together at the centre

Dinners ready! Pest pasta, one of my simple favourites. I kind of only really eat 5 things here. My dinners (which then also includes my lunches during the week) basically consists of: stir-fry, pesto pasta, cous cous salad, vegetable chicken or beef curry, vegetable soup, satay stir fry, quinoa with salad or vegetables and that’s about it. Sometimes I will get cravings and I will eat meat or fish or chorizo! Interesting huh! Haha

One last thing I forgot to mention, Luke has been staying with me for the last week which has been really fun! He works most evenings so I don’t really see a lot of him, but we have been enjoying cooking for each other and sharing some evening bedtime giggles!

Another Brighton sunset

That’s all for now folks! See you on the flip side! Also its Nalin’s birthday today – HAPPY BIRTHDAY NALIN!

Allgau Cows

So lets just stick to the highlights as this is one of my favourite ways to share the main points of big exciting events and I think it helps to keep you and I from getting a tad bored! So here we go! As you can see in the title this post is mainly about the Australia and New Zealand weekend that we had in the EC last weekend! I am now back in Brighton and have been lucky enough to have had 2 days work this week even though it is the first week back to school! This makes me very happy as 6 weeks without pay have made my money situation less than favourable :). I should also mention that I spent a week in EC, so had plenty of time before and after the weekend for other activities which were not limited too but mainly included meditation!

Making Pavlova!

I am blabbering again about the present day when I should be writing about EC highlights, so easily this happens! I will firstly mention that the highlights are not in any sort of order – I will write what naturally comes to my head first! So we begin (at last!)

EC Cricket match!

The Allgau Waterfall
We went to an amazing waterfall on Wednesday, about a 20 minute drive away from EC. It was beautiful! The walk to and from the waterfall was very steep and as a result a little tough on our legs, but it was totally worth it! As you can see from the photos we got two for the price of one (in the waterfall situation). At the top of the first waterfall there was a lovely rock from which we jumped off into the pool at the base of the first waterfall! This was exhilarating as the drop was about 8 – 10 metres! It was also terrifying, which was all part of the fun.

Phil inspires!

Aiste’s Birthday
For her birthday I wrote and then performed a rap for her, which made me very nervous and brought her lots of joy – so again all worth it. Sonya (the legend) made the most amazing tiramisu (as always) and we all enjoyed celebrating together.

Aussie BBQ

Both Matt and Phil gave great and inspiring lectures over the weekend! We also had a fantastic presentation from the EC crew and they talked us through the whole process of getting the EC, starting from the first idea. We also had a lovely presentation about all the centres in Australia and New Zealand. During the presentations the Australian Sanghas joined us over Google Circles which was very modern and rather exciting!

Cooking Australian Food in the Kitchen
This is where I spent the bulk of my time over the weekend, many hours of joyful work. The menu included the following: vegemite toast (which was hilarious to watch the Europeans try), Aussie Stack Em Beef burgers, a BBQ with Lamb cutlets, Pavlova, Lamingtons and Aussie beef pie! Gabi and Ange were the head chefs during this time and they did a truly amazing job. We also got lots of help and support from Laci and Sonya, who are always incredible!

Making Lamingtons!

Playing Cricket
The sun came out on the last day of the weekend and we all enjoyed a good old Aussie game of cricket. When I say ‘all’ I mean, some people played while others watched, sledged the players and generally hung around. Gabi was in fine form as the umpire and would randomly declare people out or not out according to how she felt or if she was looking – this made for great amusement. We all got into the game and it lasted a few hours. I maybe got into it more than most with the dummy spitting, constant cheering, yelling at the umpire and continuous clapping, but by the end all the watchers were joining in with the frequent yell of ‘HOWS AT’ (hands in air).

The ‘Old Dogs’ explain

Matt’s Beer Labels
Because we couldn’t get hold of any Australian beer we made our own! Matt is a wiz and created some great labels for our fake Australian and New Zealand beer1

The Australian Party
This consisted of dancing, dancing and basically more dancing. There was also some talking and DJing going on. Matt and I had previously selected out a few Australian classics and they were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. All in all it was a great party with lots of wholesome fun!

Connecting with Australia and NZ

That’s about all I can remember for now! It was an amazing time! Thanks so much everyone who made it possible and thanks especially to the EC – literally the most incredible and inspiring place I have ever been!

The double waterfall!

The amazing view from the Villa

Birthday Rap

Skippy and Phil

Roo Brew and All Blacks Beer

Matt inspires!

Sonya trying Vegemite